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how old r u

add me -
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Q: Get some msn addies?
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Have you any MSN addies?


Where can you get msn addies to people who talk dirty?

I am not sure babe but you can add me <3

Famous MSN addi please?

look she/he wants proper msn addies so go on wiki answers and type every1 who u want kk

Msn robots addies?

The Main robot is... who likes games. Others...

What was the name of addies chambermaid?


What are some good msn email addresses?

msn is old

Why are your college friends not on MSN Messenger?

Here are some reasons they are not on MSN Messenger:They did not register them self on MSN Messenger.You may have the wrong MSN Messenger ID.They might not know MSN Messenger.I hope this will help you.

Do people pretend to be famous on MSN?

Yup some of them do cos they want to get you on it like i have a lot of famous msn addies but i dont know if they are real i just add them and dont give personal details eg: you can give your name if you want never give your school and address they are the worst oh and your full name like eg: this isn't mine Sam Roberts because they could find you out and never give your phone mobile dance school and stuff like that xxx

In As I Lay Dying what was Anse upset about paying for?

Addies doctor visit

Finding people to talk to on msn?

Just find some friends from school or outside school and ask them for their msn addy or their msn address. x

Can you get some astucs of MSN Messenger?

Hello, this is not the place to ask questions about MSN thankyou or your account will be terminated.

In msn what is ALICE's msn? is a kind of bot on msn. You can chat with it. Play Lingo with it. It can tell some jokes and it can answer some questions like when the train from Amsterdam to Den Bosch departs.

How can MSN be blocked from a computer?

There are some ways of doing this. Finding out the website's IP address and putting a block on it can block MSN. There is also some software available with parental blocks, and you can list MSN as one of those that would get blocked.

What is Alyson Michalka's MSN?

she has got msn and i have her msn my msn is

Where is MSN commonly used?

msn is commonly used at home computers or laptops but some use libary on your school computer room msn is commonly used at home computers or laptops but some use libary on your school computer room

Full form of msn?

MSN stands for Microsoft Network. There is some other meaning also which is Message Swiching Service.

Any fit single girlsabout 13 or 14 giveing out there msn addies?

yes lol add me on im 13 and single i would love to talk to you female and lives in cov dont mindd online dating love amy cant wait to talk see you byebye sexy boiis

What is are some websites to tag pictures?

Some are FaceBook, MySpace and MSN profiles...

What is my msn?

Your msn is your msn email ( or your own one ) That you use to sign into Windows live messenger (msn).

What is a msn degree in nursing?

msn is a website. this question makes absolutely no sense. is this a joke? NO not a joke. Some doctors have the degreed letters APN MSN behind their names... Curious to know what the letters mean....

How do you say Tienes MSN in English?

As a declarative: You have MSN. As an interrogative: Do you have MSN?

What is Taylor Lautners msn add?

i know some people might fake msn email addresses but trust me, this is %100 taylor lautner's email address. I have him on msn myself! his email address is trust me, this is his real msn email address. hope this helps!

Does the msn boyfriend bot still work?

No. He has retired which some do.

Do any teen celebrities have MSN?

Yes they still want to chat with their friends, although some teen celebritities don't have time for MSN, because of there career.. But Yes some do!.. lol

Does Richard Wisker have msn or Bebo?

he has msn but not bebo His msn is