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Getting ruby plate in Pokemon leafgreen without beating the league?

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2007-10-07 21:21:53
2007-10-07 21:21:53

Warp to cave on Mt. Ember by gameshark or action replay.

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On POKeMON LeafGreen Version, after beating the POKeMON Champ (Gary), you will go into a room and register your victory over the E4, then the ending credits will play...just watch throughout the credits without turning your game off or removing the cartridge and it will soon transport you back into your bedroom. Hope this helps, Yours sincerely, Aaron K - The POKeMON team :)

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The only way to get Ho-oh without gamesharks is by getting Pokemon mystery gift and going to navel rock

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Rayquaza is not in leafgreen, trade one from ruby, sapphire or emerald to leafgreen. You can't without an AR.

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