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Warp to cave on Mt. Ember by GameShark or action replay.

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Q: Getting ruby plate in Pokemon leafgreen without beating the league?
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Can you trade from leafgreen to emerald without beating the game and getting natinol you dont care about spelling?

You cannot.

How do you get Ditto in Pokemon LeafGreen without beating the elite four?

Go outside the cave n use cut.

Getting mew on Pokemon LeafGreen Virson without an action replay?

mew is on island 9

How do you continue in Pokemon LeafGreen after beating Elite 4?

On POKeMON LeafGreen Version, after beating the POKeMON Champ (Gary), you will go into a room and register your victory over the E4, then the ending credits will play...just watch throughout the credits without turning your game off or removing the cartridge and it will soon transport you back into your bedroom. Hope this helps, Yours sincerely, Aaron K - The POKeMON team :)

Can you get magby without Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

The only way to get Ho-oh without gamesharks is by getting Pokemon mystery gift and going to navel rock

Where do you get Pokemon LeafGreen without download?


Can you get elekid in Pokemon LeafGreen without breeding?


Can you get mew in pokemon leafgreen without cheats?

yes you can

What is the quickest way to get 50 Pokemon in leafgreen without cheats?

Get 50 Pokemon...

How do you get to Kanto without beating the Pokemon league?

You can't!

All the Pokemon you get without beating the Pokemon league?

All in regional dex

How do you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon leafgreen?

Rayquaza is not in leafgreen, trade one from ruby, sapphire or emerald to leafgreen.You can't without an AR.

Can you get omanyte without the helix fossil in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No you can't

How do you get Mew in Pokemon LeafGreen without a gameshark?

you have to trade from emerald

Can you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen without action replay?

no you dop

Pokemon LeafGreen can you catch mew without cheats?

No, you cannot.

How do you get Pokemon LeafGreen on iPod touch without jailbreak?

you pay for it

How do you get all three starters in pokemon leafgreen without trading?

It is not possible to get all three starters in Pokemon LeafGreen without trading. This was an intended mechanic to encourage interaction between players.

In Pokemon Soul Silver and in Pokemon Platinum where can you find some of the rarer Pokemon like Charmander and Bulbasaur and other Pokemon like that and can you get both without an action raplay?

These Pokemon are ONLY available through trade from leafgreen and firered without action replay. One exception is you can get one of them by beating RED (ash) in Mt. Silver on soul silver game.

When will Haunter evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen without tradeing?

It won't evolve without trading

Is there a website for trading Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without beating the Pokemon league cheats?

no to trade between leaf green and sapphire or ruby u must beat the Pokemon league then go to the seven islands and find the ruby and the sapphire gems to be able to trade

Can you get a Tyranitar without evolving it in Pokemon LeafGreen?

only way is to trade from another Pokemon game

How do you get a chikorita in Pokemon leafgreen without trading from another game?

You cant.

How do you get magby without Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can't i think this is not the best guy to answer it.