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I'd think that that would be a little wierd.


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Answer Think about how you'd like to be asked out and do the same to the man.

only if the man wants me too.. yea im talking to you boys...

it all depends on the man man. some think there sexy, some think there uguly. B4N

I think it's a no be cause their girls. I have no idea.Depends on the girl. We are all individuals. I think most like at least trimmed.

When a man licks a girls vagina. That is the most simple i can think of

I think a girls responibilty in life is to be independent and not to depend on man for everything. if a man can do it so can a woman. It may not be as drastic or as easy but it can be done

A man stares into your eyes because he might think you have the most beautiful eyes.

What you think the girl wants to see in man? The girl want to see in the man muscules and abs.And they want a bad boy.And other girls are different.Other girls want to see in the man he got respect to her,and love her(not treat her like crap!).But girls are different.More girls want a bad boy and to have muscules and abs.But some girls want the man to be that he is,not that he isn't.But if you want to get girl,ask some girl to ask the girl(that girl you want) what kind of man he wants and be that man!

Because he portrays the perfect man..Which in fact is not out there. I asked my friend, she said because he's in the book.

We would either freak out think the little man is cute.

Well you have to be nice. Don't be a jerk to girls. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings.; 3What I think you should do is go up to her and be a man. I think you should ask her out and when you do that you should be nice not a jerk. Be nice to girls that is what they deserve!!

I think girls think a lot about boys or men because they think their life would be better with a boy or man. That is just my point of view though...

I don't know but i think she asked her agent to find a sexy man!

i dont know why do u think i asked the question man

because of fame (I saw that in wikianswer) i think that's true"i think justin timberlake is not a sweet man and not gentle man"so girls be WISE

I think a young man on kindergarten cop explained this to us long ago. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

THIS IS FOR GIRLSwhat i think it stands for IS time-of-monthOR: The Old Man.

i think that beautiful girls are not attracted to larger man

Pleased someone has asked this and it is not just me! I think "he" may be a transgender woman........... does anyone know?

No,a man is an omnivore (the person who asked this)

I doubt it. He's a total ladies man. He has even asked out Alexa Chung and Rihanna so yeah

i think that only a very few people will know what inspired candyman. but i think that it was some hot girls who were dancing around this man.

It all depends on what kind of girl that your trying to impress. Some girls find this question flattering because a male is interested in them while on the other hand,other girls would find this question completely inappropriate and offensive. I don't think that any woman "like" that question. It shows that the man that asked is shallow and not interested in anything but a sexual relationship.

I think that they think they need to be " the man " that is powerful and is in charge so they think have more athletic skill then girls which is not always true and they just want to be the best and the strongest

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