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Give an example of a definitive host?


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definitive host - a host in which a parasite reaches sexual maturity.

malaria is a good example. the malaria parasite mates and reproduces in the mosquito. However, it's gametocytes are formed in humans, making humans the definitive host (not mosquitoes).


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Intermediate host - snail definitive host - cattle/sheep

An intermediate host is an animal that is needed for a parasite to develop through one or more stages of life before being transferred to a definitive host in which the parasite will develop into sexual maturity. A reservoir host is a host that may be an intermediate or definitive host but provides a place where a parasite may "hang out" while enviromental conditions are less than optimal.

Cow: Intermediate host to the larval stages of beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata)

An example of a parasite would be a tick, the host would be a human. A tick could give the human lyme disease, which would cause harm to the human.

periodic appearance of microfilaria in the periphral blood circulation of definitive host for the easy acess of intermediate host necessary for devolepment and perpituation of filaral worms

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a host is basically the same as prey. but in this case, the host would be in a parasitism relationship. for example: a blood sucking tick would be the predator and a dog would be the host.

Definitive host (DH). A definitive host is an organism that hosts the adult (sexual) form of the parasiteIntermediate host (IH). An intermediate host is an organism that hosts the asexual form of the parasite (only when there is an obligatory passage through the host). Intermediate hosts can be divided into two groups:Passive IH (molluscs in the case of Schistosoma)Active IH (tsetse fly in the case of trypanosomes)Source:

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A host animal - is any creature that has a parasite. For example a dog (host) and a flea (parasite)

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one example is a tick and a deer. the tick is the parasite and the deer is the host. hopes this helps.

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leeches take their nourishment from their host, but the host is harmed and often dies

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Ticks sucking blood from a host organism is an example of parasitism. The tick grows from its host, but contributes nothing to the host organism.

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Infective stage is the life cycle stage where parasite able to initiate an infection in a definitive or intermediate host. Diagnostic stage is the life cycle stage leaving the definitive host, it is the stage that links the parasitic way of life with either the free-living phase of the life cycle or the phase of development that occurs in an intermediate host.

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