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Define Occam's razor

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Q: Give some example of science trivia?
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Give some examples of science trivias trivias are science whhat is your name sgyfgasdygsygd

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who know's

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Can you give some examples of slogans for science month

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can you give me some branches of science?

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sumayaw ka na lang ng jai ho !!!!!

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here are some trivia fact was not put to use until the 20th century

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Some example of superstitious beliefs related in science was that the Earth was rectangular or round. Another was in relation to chemistry where it was thought to be witchcraft by some.

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Where to find trivia questions?

There are many online trivia sites like TriviaChamp that offer free trivia questions. Some sites allow one to answer either general trivia questions or categorized questions.

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I think you're talking about tangible things...or the things that you can see with just your naked eyes...Human body and environment are just some things that I can give you...I'm still thirteen and a half and my Science is about Biology...

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What is a website that has quizzes? or if you want some fun educational sex trivia...try the website Sex Trivia 101.