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when he's walking with his friends ,

get some of ur friends to follow him.

then let 1 of ur friends call you loudly for eg. hi geetha and so on.

if he turns the moment ur name is called then it is proved that he loves u.

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Can you give tips for Love?

No1 can give tips for love, mostly because people have their own view on the meaning of what love is.

What are the best tips to make a girl like you?

here are some tips to get a girl to like you: make eye contact, make a conversation, be nice, and just be yourself. hope this helps. :)

How do you make a girl be your lover?

There are many tips to make a girl your lover 1.join friendship with her. 2.slightly obtain her belief in you. your love. 4.if she says no,continue the above steps

Tips on how to make a little girl beautiful?

Powder but not make-up

You like a girl you want to make friend ship with her give you some tips?

You should approach her well dressed and neatly. You have to be polite in asking and talking to her.

Tips to make a girl fall in love?

Don't lie about anything, be yourself. Don't snake other girls or flirt with them, show that you love her. tell her shes beautiful. talk to her on the phone, be there for her. show her you care. talk to her when your with friends and only her. make eye contact, make jokes, make sure they're funny though. give her advice when shes stuck, don't he horrible to her and make fun of her. don't be horrible to her friends either. THAT, is what makes me fall in love with a guy.

What is the color of cupids arrows?

They have no specific color. The ones that make you fall in love have golden tips, the ones that make you hate a person have tips of lead.

How to make a boxman video?

ask smosh on youtube they will give you tips

Who could you go to that is a girl if you like to cross-dress but nobody in your family understands and you need someone to give you tips on how to dress and to hang out with?

Find a girl thar's your friend, that will accept you no matter what. Ask her to dress you like a girl and take you shopping she can give you tips and help you find stuff that looks good.

Give you tips about sex i did not know about it but you love it?

if you are asking for sexual tips on you should probably go kill yourself. by the way im posting this on fml

What should you do if you like a girl a lot but can't even try to date because of religious differences?

Im a girl so I will give you some tips First be friendly to her and nice then talk to her about her religion and ask her questions make her laugh and make her feel comfterable about being around you even though you are not the same religion. Religion should not stop love we are all people on the inside! Hope I helped!

Can you give me some handy tips to make my skin better?

use moisturiser

What are some tips one could give for helping children of divorce?

Some of the tips that one could give children on the topic of divorce is that the divorce is not the child's fault and that both parents still love the children unconditionally.

What are the tips on American girl?

Don't give it to really messy children. They last longer when it's in good shape.

What questions a boy can ask a girl before arranged marriage?

give me some tips while searching the girl while doing the arrange the arange marriage

Tips for a man to spress his love feelings to a long time girlfriend?

The best tips i can give u are , send her flower, write her a letter or pome, bring her out to dinner, I think if u set up a date were she is the centre of attention she will love it.

Tips for talking to a girl?

* * * *

If you love someone and do not know if she loves you back what do you do?

since you said she im assuming its a girl. im a girl so ill give you some tips 1) she will get kinda close to you when you stop talking 2) she will run to talk to you 3) she will always love you for who you are so dont try to impress her. the bad boy crap makes her feel cautious around you.

What do you do if you have a crush on someone and you told them?

Well it depends. Did you tell them or did you have a friend tell him?Let me know and i will give you tips. im a girl and i have experience! :)

Tips for attract a girl?

Do something that will make her notice you, but in a good way. Try flirting with her, giving her attetion, she'll give you attention back. You could also pay her for her affection. 20 bucks usually works.

Tips to be missed by a girl?

You cannot force or make yourself be missed by someone - she has to determine her own feelings to miss you or not.

Anyone can tell me some tips on how to make a girl like you?

BE YOURSELF. Any girl worth having is sure to be attracted to a guy who is comfortable with being himself.

Where can I find share market tips for the stock market?

Share market tips are tips about the stock market. You can help from your stock broker or even a lawyer. You would have to give them a percentage of what you earn but the make sure you get a lot of money.

Girl loving you tips?

uhhh ummm,... let me think tht can mean many different things, but if you a guy and want to tel a girl you love them, then try to compliment them more with like"you look good today" stuff like tht or tell them you love them

Would Justin Bieber give you tips on writing songs?

Yes He'll give you lots of tips on writing songs