Give you a sentence using delve?

Here, try one of these....

On a wickedly witty winter's night delve into the delightfully dark underworld of Holmes, Watson and their fiendish foes.

County's agony aunt sorts out the embarrassing problems carrying across the whole of County, and Sigmund Freud delves into the psyche.

We may want to delve into the deeper recesses of the parent-child relationship.

We hope to delve into the mystery further in the future, including some of the many folk tales associated with them.

This is where we delve into the realms of deep trance phenomena, the medium in which our creative activity takes place.

Labor not keen to delve too deeply - claim.

Don't want to delve back into the land that time forgot?

Neither the therapist nor the client needs to delve too far into the causes of the problems.

It seems that every time I really delve into some aspect of the evidence, it simply slips away.

And many a man in his own breast then delves, But deep enough, alas!

He began to delve around to try and find out about English traditional singing and Blaxhall Ship in particular.

The further people have to delve to find things the less likely they are to bother.

I have written above that you should, in your practical work, ' try to delve beneath the surface of the signs ' .