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Get a job. Rake leaves. Shovel snow.

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Q: Give you some ideas to make money?
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Gift ideas for a girl's first birthday?

Give her money or some jewel necklaces

How does yahoo make money?

They make money from advertisers and people who pay them to put their results first. There are some sites who will give you a portion of this money.

Can you give some information or ideas on how to do Payroll?

First buy peachtree. Then set up employees. Then make accounts to deduct for taxes. You'll want to make up some extra deductions so you can pocket some of the money. Your supposed to send the tax money in or something, but I just use it to buy groceries. Hope this helps.

What are some examples of factions today?

Oil Companies- give money to politicians and told them not to give to the government because they want to make money.

What are some popular money making ideas?

Some easy and popular money making ideas are buying and reselling items that are used such as video games or electronics. Some websites have ads for items being soled locally in one city for a cheap price. One can make some easy money by reselling those items.

What are some simple ideas for a teen entrepreneur to earn spending money?

There are several opportunities for a teen to make money. A teen could mow lawns, babysit or walk dogs after school or during the summer to make money.

Why do people give their kidney away?

To save a life or to make some money as well.

What to do for your mother on her b day if you have no money?

You give her a card and make her some brownies or cookies.

Can you pl suggest me some idea for a short film. It CD be an original idea or some short story you might've read .?

If you want to make films, you need to learn how to get your own ideas. Professionals are not going to give you a perfectly good idea that they could sell and make money for themselves.

What are some bets?

you could make someone kiss a guy/girl they hate you could make them prank call you could make them ask someone out do those give you some good ideas

Could you give me some ideas about mothers day gifts to make?

Etsy is a wonderful website that can provide many different ideas for gifts for all occasions. Mothers Day gifts ideas can be found on this site as well however you may need to get creative to make some of these things at home.

What are some homemade craft ideas for Christmas?

Homemade craft ideas for Christmas include making bracelets, and collages. You can make all sorts of stuff! I am going to make a collage of my sisters and I, and give it to my sisters for Christmas!

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