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homonyms of heart

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  1. Bat (animal) - bat (sports equipment)
  2. Bark (dog sound) - bark (tree covering)
  3. Match (sporting event) - match (a small stick for lighting a fire)
  4. Ring (jewelry) - ring (circle shape)
  5. Saw (tool) - saw (past tense of see)
  6. Scale (measurement tool) - scale (fish skin)
  7. Wave (ocean movement) - wave (greeting gesture)
  8. Watch (timepiece) - watch (observe)
  9. Sole (bottom of foot) - sole (only)
  10. Bank (financial institution) - bank (side of a river)
  11. Light (illumination) - light (not heavy)
  12. Letter (written message) - letter (alphabet character)
  13. Bear (animal) - bear (tolerate)
  14. Bathe (cleanse in water) - bathe (expose to sunshine)
  15. Tear (rip) - tear (water droplet)
  16. March (month) - march (walk in formation)
  17. Rock (stone) - rock (music genre)
  18. Pole (long stick) - pole (person from Poland)
  19. Right (correct) - right (opposite of left)
  20. Run (move quickly) - run (manage or lead)
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Q: Give you the 20 parts of homonyms?
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Can you give me list of 50 Hindi homonyms?

there are not so many homonyms.... but there are around 10-15.

Can you give at least 30 examples of homonyms with meaning?


Can you give me 20 homonyms with opposite spelling?

Although "homonyms" are sometimes defined as sounding OR spelling the same, the precise definition requires both. (Sound alikes are "homophones".) Homonyms have different MEANINGS, normally as differing parts of speech (i.e. verb-noun, adjective-noun). Heteronyms are spelled alike but have different sounds and meanings. Examples of homonyms :Bear (animal or carry) / Left (direction or not taken) / Cast (to mold or a splint) Examples of homophones : bye-buy, see-sea, ate-eight, threw-through, to-too-two. Examples of heteronyms : dove (bird, did dive) wind (air, to crank) close (near, to shut)

Can Write a sentence including a pair of homonyms?

There are 20 dogs that their owner left.

What is the homonyms for peddle?

The homonyms for "peddle" are "pedal" and "petal." "Pedal" refers to a lever operated by the foot in a vehicle, while "petal" refers to one of the separate parts of the corolla of a flower.

Can you give examples of 10 homonyms with different spellings?

chord-musical tonecord-rope

What are homonyms for capitol?

Homonyms for "capitol" are "capital" and "cattle."

Can you give you atleast 20 examples of homonyms?

Homonyms are words that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have different meanings. Arms, bank, can, duck, exact, flat, groom, hood, iron, jam, kind, letter, mole, nail, order, pound, quarry, right, seal, tie, wave, and yard are all examples of homonyms. In contrast, homophones are only pronounced the same but spelled differently, and homographs are spelled the same, but pronounced differently.

What is the homonyms of him?

The homonyms of "him" are "hymn" and "hymn".

Can you give a sentence with the word homonym?

She didn't speak English well, so the homonyms confused her.

Can you give a sentence using the homonyms heel and heal?

I'm waiting for the cut on my heel to heal.

Homonyms of bill?

Build is the homonyms of bill