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to stay young and innocent while seeing the humanity in the socs and making a better community

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Who is the smartest boy in the book Outsiders?


Who was Cherry's friend in The Outsiders?

cherry's friend in the book the outsiders is pony boy

Who played pony boy in west side story?

Pony boy is from the outsiders, not west side story.

Who played pony boy in the movie The Outsiders?

c. thomas howell plays ponyboy in the oursiders

How old is pony boy in the book the outsiders?


Who is the main chatacter in the outsiders?

Pony boy Curtis

How old is ponyboy in The Outsiders?

in the outsiders, pony boy was thirteen just about to turn 14.

How old is pony boy from the outsiders?

14 years old

What was the full name of ponyboy in the outsiders?

Pony Boy Curtis

Who said white as a ghost in the outsiders?

Pony boy Curtis

Why do the boys fight why is Pony different outsiders?

because they like the felling of fighting and pony boy does not know how to

Who played Pony Boy Curtis in The Outsiders?

C Thomas Howell

What page was the letter to pony boy in the outsiders?

Page 81-82

In the outsiders who reads that a family may be split up?

pony boy

When is pony boy jumped?

Ponyboy is jumped in the first chapter of The Outsiders.

Which character in the outsiders book has movie star looks?

Pony boy

Who is pony boy on the cover of the outsiders?

I think that Ponyboy is the biggest head on the cover.

What does Johnny say when he kills bob in the outsiders?

i killed that boy pony. i killed him.

Who is the boy who helps Pony and Johnny The Outsiders?

Dally helps them when the church is on fire.

Where do pony boy and johnny take a train to in the outsiders?

to the top of an old church

What does pony boy claim he is addict to in the outsiders?

smoking hisciggerets

What is the conclusion of The Outsiders?

Pony Boy Curtis is a new person, coming out of the theater

What happened to pony boy on the way home in the outsiders?

johnny and him get jumped by socs

What happened to pony boy in chapter 4 in the outsiders?

The soc's try to drown him

Why did johnny and pony boy go to dally in the outsiders?

johnny killed a socs