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good luck - viel Glück
your friends - deine Freunde

"Good luck to your friends." would be "Deinen Freunden viel Glück." or "Viel Glück für deine Freunde."
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Is the Buddha good luck or bad luck?

Answer . Buddhism requires one to live a deep and simple life away from worldly distractions, pleasures and pitfalls. If you adhere to the concepts of Buddhism and find peace within yourself it can be presumed Buddha is good luck- if Being a Buddhist distances yourself from things you value, su ( Full Answer )

What is 'good luck' in German?

" Viel Glück " is a German equivalent of "good luck." The adjective " viel " means "a lot of, a great deal of, the best of." The noun " Glück " means "luck." Its singular definite article is " das " ("the"). Also if you want to say someone is lucky, you can say they are " glucklich" wi ( Full Answer )

What is 'your friend' in German?

your friend=dein Freund pronounced dein[as in the English worddine] freu[like roy with an f in front of it]nd[like end withoutthe vowel e]=dien froynd In the plural it is euer Freund (oi-air froynd), and in the formalit is ihr Freund (ear froynd). of course if you mean it as a salutation at the end ( Full Answer )

Friend in German?

Hi Friend in German (I know this because i went to Germany) It is friend (male) - der Freund friend (female, but not a girlfriend) - die Bekannte girlfriend - die Freundin i hope this answers your question. :)

How do you say good luck in Finnish?

The phrase "Good luck!" in Finnish is " Hyvää onnea! " or " Lykkyä tykö! ". You can also just say Onnea! on it's own. " Onnea! " can also mean "Congratulations!".

Good Luck in Korean?

Korean is the official language of both North Korea and SouthKorea. The phrase "good luck' in Korean is haeng-un-eul bil-eo yo.

What are symbols of good luck for Italians?

A token devil's horn, evil eye or hunchback are symbols of good luck for Italians. Specifically, the devil's horn is called il cornicello and protects against envy. The evil eye is called il malocchio and is cancelled out by verbally adding God's blessing to whomsoever is complimented, wheth ( Full Answer )

What are some good luck charms?

Here are some good luck charms: . 1.the horse shoe . 2. a scrab beetle,( which you wear and it symbolizes the renewal of life.) . 3. Rudraksh,(The nut of the Rudraksh tree that can be found in parts of the Himalayas, Indonesia and Malaysia. There are 38 different types.) . 4.Swastik,(The sign th ( Full Answer )

Does Nick Jonas have good luck?

Their luck consist of all three of them. Together they are all mighty in the eyes of good luck god.

How can you get good luck?

you can have good luck by being nice to other people. you can have a four leaf clover with you or you can make your own good luck charm and prey on it for good keeping and always have it with you

How do you say good Luck in Indian?

Hindi, or Modern Standard Hindi, is a language spoken by 258million people. If you want to give good wishes of luck to one orseveral of these speakers, you can say 'Shubh Kaamnaayein'.

What is 'Good luck' in Spanish?

" Buena suerte " is a Spanish equivalent of "good luck." The feminine adjective " buena " means "good." The feminine noun " suerte " means "luck." Its singular definite article is " la " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " una " ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "BWEH-nah SWEHR-teh."

How do they say good luck in Australia?

It should still be "good luck" considering they still speak English in Australia. Im pretty sure its still good luck "Break a leg", or just "good luck" :)

How do you write a good luck note?

Writing a 'Good Luck' note: . A card would be nice too. Inside the card you could put:. If it's business or a coworker or someone you don't know well put: . Jack. Wishing you good luck on your future endeavors.. If you are good friends then say: . Jack. Wishing you the very best of luck and ( Full Answer )

Is good luck andbad luck real?

Yes, good luck happen to good people. bad luck happens to bad people. It's really that simple

Does it mean good luck or that you will get back with your ex when you see a shooting star when talking to your friend about your ex?

One just never knows. Some people would believe this to be a sign while others would consider it just a shooting star. It hurts to breakup, but, in some cases couples get back together again and it does not hurt to hope for the best. Get our with friends and back into the dating circuit and your ex ( Full Answer )

How do you say Good luck in exam German?

Good Luck=Viel Glück or when it's especially for an exam you add 'für die Prüfung' So the whole phrase would be: "Viel Glück für die Prüfung"

Best of luck your friend in German?

Best of luck for your friend could be translated as: Alles Gute für deinen Freund (singular, male)/deine Freundin (singular, female)/Ihren Freund (plural, male)/Ihre Freundin (plural female).

How do you wish an dancer good luck?

Well definitely DON'T SAY BREAK A LEG! Say le caca i don't know why but that's what you tell any dancer before they go on stage never say break a leg! ever!

How do you wish performers good luck?

I think the phrase you're looking for is, "Break a leg." ------------ 2nd answerer says: That would be correct, as it brings bad luck to wish for good luck. Therefore, performers tell other performers to "break a leg".

What is 'Good luck My friend' in Italian?

" Buona fortuna, amico mio " to males and " Buona fortuna, amica mia " are Italian equivalents of "Good luck, my friend." Specifically, the feminine adjective " buona " means "good." The feminine noun " fortuna " means "luck." The masculine noun " amico " and the feminine " amica " mean "friend." ( Full Answer )

Are tikis good luck?

If you mean something from Polynesian culture, they are sometimes worn as a good luck charm, a pendant around the neck

Is the swastika good luck?

Yes, it was firstly meant to be "good" then when Hitler first became a president he would force people to put the Swastika sign on their houses, etc and they would be killed if they didn't put it. So it meant bad luck when the Nazi party started. Source: The Adolf Hitler movie (2001).

Is a swarm of bees good luck?

In many cultures, bees are considered to be good luck. Othersbelieve that a swarm of bees on a house means that the house willsoon catch fire and burn down.

Are hummingbird feather good luck?

Yes are the Ancient Egyptians believed that if you had one in your ouw possesion that you would be the luckiest person alive.

Who are the characters in Good Luck Charlie?

Here are the characters: Bob Ducan-Eric Allan Kramer Amy Duncan-Leigh-Allyn Baker PJ Duncan-Jason Dolley Teddy Duncan- Bridget Mendler Gabe Duncan-Bradley Steven Perry Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan- Mia Talerico

Is heads good luck or bad luck?

it is not proven either way, but believed to be bad luck. It depends on whether you called heads or tails before the coin toss!

How do you answer when someone say good luck to you?

well if their saying it in a good way then you should say thanks but if they say it in a bad way then...... well you should probably say thankyou too cause maybe you'll still need it

Do huskys bring good luck?

No. Huskies don't bring good luck because they are a dog. A normal dog. tehe tada

Will there be a Good Luck Charlie movie?

Yes, there was a Good Luck Charlie movie however it was a made-for-TV movie that was titled "Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!"

What is the cast of good luck charlie?

Bridgit Mendler plays as Teddy Duncan Jason Dolley plays as PJ Duncan Bradley Steven Perry plays as Gabe Duncan Leigh-Allyn Baker plays as Amy Duncan Eric Alan Kramer plays as Robert "Bob" Duncan Mia Talerico plays as Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan Raven Goodwin plays as Ivy Wentz

Is a koi fish good luck?

Yes it is thought to be good luck also in china 7 golden koi fishes are thought to be good luck!

What animal represents good luck?

A cat breed named Korat are good luck . seashell . if a bee flies into your house, its considered good luck but if it dies in your house its bad luck

Can turtles bring you good luck?

Hi well back a LONG time ago turtles AND tortoises (don't really know the difference) were thought to bring good health, longevity and protection from evil. But its all in what u believe. hope this helps Mickaela PS Turtles AND tortoises can go almost a year with out any food

Is 666 bad luck or good luck?

According to the Christian Bible, 666 is associated with Satan so for most people, it is bad luck.

Does good luck and bad luck exits?

yes good luck and bad luck exits because when i found a penny on "HEADS" i got good luck i got ice cream i got a boyfriend and found a "100" dollar bill bad luck exits beacuse when i opened my umbrella i got bad luck i lost my boyfriend my brother took my "100" dollar bill so it does EXITS

Who is teddy best friend on good luck charile?

On Good Luck Charlie, Teddy's best friend is Ivy. She is not in every episode and isn't a main character, but is the friend of Teddy's that shows up the most :)