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You have to think up your own ideas.

However, good vs evil books are mainly what every book is about, when you think about it, just different plots and characters. You could write about anything you wanted to.

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  1. A story about a scientist who creates a powerful technology that could either save or destroy humanity, and must grapple with the ethical implications of its use.

  2. Two siblings born with opposite magical abilities, one using their powers to protect others while the other uses theirs for personal gain, leading to a climactic showdown between them.

  3. A person who can see people's inner thoughts as auras, discovering that those who appear evil on the surface may have hidden goodness within them, challenging their preconceived notions of good and evil.

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Bob the green hobbit is a good poem

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Q: Good vs evil short story ideas?
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What are the major themes of the short story The Two Brothers by Leo Tolstoy?

good vs evil

How do scientist get their ideas?

some people get theire ideas from the light which in good, some get theire ideas from the dark which is evil, paul said in roman 7-21 I find then a law, that, when i would do good, evil is present with me.

What are some examples of big ideas in a story?

Some examples of big ideas in a story could include themes such as love conquering all, the struggle between good and evil, the quest for identity or self-discovery, and the impact of technology on society. These big ideas often serve as central themes that drive the plot and character development in a story.

Is a short story about a pandas hunt for an evil hunter who killed the pandas parents going to be a good short story?

Well yes and no.I say yes because it is a grate plot line.And no because it might be to sad for the reader.But then it would be a grate story.

Im going to write a book about a mysterious hamster with a golden eye and it pretends to be good but is really evil what should you call it and what are some things that could happen in it?

Nobody can write your story except you! You already have a good idea - why let some anonymous person on the internet have your story? If they give you their ideas, it's their story, and they could legally publish it and get credit. Check out the Related Questions for ideas on how to write your own story.

What is the moral story of Mahabharata?

Even though evil gains in the short term victory or "Jaya" is always for the good. Incidentally Mahabharata is called "Jaya'depicting victory of good over evil.

What is the climax or plot of the story of Armageddon?

When Good overcomes Evil.

What is the effect have on Young Goodman Brown about all the people that turn evil in the short story of Young Goodman Brown?

It ruins his hope for salvation and his good attitude about everyone in general.

What are some good couple costume ideas for good vs evil?

well its a bit obvious! Angel and devil are good or if not then look on the internet for costume ideas or look in costume shops

Does Demeter bring good or evil to the her story?

You should know the answer genius =)

What is theme of story the dark pond?

good triumphs over evil

Does Demeter bring good or evil to her story?

She brings good by giving the humans crops, seasons and a good harvest.