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If this is an automatic transmission, it might be the shifter interlock that only allows the starter to work when in Park or Neutral. If the switch built into the shifter isn't making proper contact, it won't turn over. If the contacts are loose, you can try pushing the shift lever to the right to see if you can force contact. This worked for me until I rebuilt the switch. Well it could be a few things, Is your battery still good? Did you blow the starter fuse and there should be a starter relay as well. Good luck

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The starter solenoid is built onto the starter itself. It is a dual action solenoid applying energy (12 volts) to both the starter and the Bendix. There is also a starter relay located on the fender well just beneath the left hood henge. In addition to this, will be a manual type switch controlled by a push-rod from the ignition key switch. this unit is located on the steering column under the dash and applies energy to the start relay, which energizes the starter solenoid, Bendix and the starter itself.

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