Greed in Spanish

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Greed in Spanish
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Why do you think the Spanish chose to fight the Aztecs instead of working with them?

Greed and power.

What is El Filibustirismo in English?

Spanish words about Filibustering or known as The Reign of Greed.

Were spanish conquerors who were motivated by religious zeal?

Probably they were more motivated by greed, and a lust of power.

Did the Spanish start the slave trade?

Yes, They started with religion in one hand and greed for power in the other

How did greed influence the development of social classes in the ancient Aztec incan and spanish civilizations?

Greed was not a major factor in the development of the Aztec and Inca civilizations. the greed mainly manifested when the Spanish and Portuguese explorers found out the natives had vast gold and silver resources. Much of the natives' incentives were connected to the worship of their gods.

How did jealousy and greed lead to violent behavior by the Spanish in the colonies?

In 1500s, the spanish destroyed the incas in peru for the purpose of getting gold and silver. They were jealous of the incas.

How do you say greed in spanish?

greedn avaricia f , codicia f , (for food) gula f , glotonería f

What is the importance of the el filibusterismo of rizal?

el filibusterismo translated in English as "reign of greed" is a novel which is originally addressed for the Spanish government during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.

What did lyndon Johnson create?


What was the big advantage the invading spanish had over the aztec's?

Weapons and the overwhelming greed and mindless savagery of the Catholic church and European Royalty.

What is an example of a metaphor for greed?

There are many different metaphors that can be used for greed. You can say that "I am greed" for example or you can say that "her love was like greed."

Who hosts Greed Greed The Series and Super Greed?

Chuck Woolery