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yia-yia [yah-yah]

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Γιαγιά : Yiayia

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Q: Greek pronunciation of grandmother
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What is the greek word for grandmother?

The greek word is γιαγιά. Pronunciation: ya-ya (stress falls on the last syllable).

Is Avia Greek for Grandmother?

No. The greek word for grandmother is "γιαγιά" (yaya).

What is great-grandmother when translated from Greek to English?

"Great grandmother" in English is progiagiá (Προγιαγιά) in Greek.

Spell grandmother in greek?


What origin does yaya come from meaning grandmother?

Is a Greek word.γιαγιά [yaya] = grandmother

Does YaYa mean grandmother?

yes. it originates from greek language

Who is Greek goddess Demeter's grandmother?


What does yiayia mean in greek?

It means grandmother.

What does ya mean?

In my knowledge, it is Greek for Grandmother, so it can be an affectionate term for a grandmother.

How do you pronounce MU or μ?

The Greek letter μ is pronounced "mee."Ancient Greek pronunciation: [my:] or "mee"Modern Greek pronunciation: [mi] as in millCommon English pronunciation: [myoo] as in mutationMeasurement pronunciation: "micro-" (example: µm is pronounced "micrometre")When this letter is used in a Greek word, it makes the same sound as the latin "m"

What city in Africa means grandmother in Arabic?

Actually, the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is derived from the Arabic word for grandmother. The pronunciation of the word is jahdah.

How do you pronounce si si?

Pronunciation would be, eh-lee-see. Which means grandmother.