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Green house gases?

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They are gases that are emitted into the environment the thermal radiation from the gases is causing global warming

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Does garbage produce green house gases?

its not called green house gases but yes garbage can hurt the environment.

What are green house caused?

Green house gases in atmosphere like CO2.

Why are green house gases causing a problem?

Green House gases work by allowing the Sun's rays into the atmosphere, but don't let them back out. Green-house gases are gases like CO2, Methane and other traces of elements. A small amount is necessary to control the warmth of the overall planet, but if we get to much green-house gas, the planet could begin to warm, which it is. If this is due to green-house gases or not, there is much controversy to the matter.

What are green house gases and which contribute in green house effect?

Greenhouse gases cause greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is one of them.

What causes the green house effect to occur?

Green house gases, such as carbon dioxide.

Why do greenhouse gases harm ozone?

Ozone itself is a green house gas. There would be no way that green house gases would harm it.

Are green house gases dangerous?

yes, green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and others are causes of global warming.

Is CO is an example of green house gases?

No, carbon monoxide is a pollutant and poisonous, but is not a green house gas.

What are the artificial green house gases?

CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) are man-made gases that are also greenhouse gases.

Does petrolium produce green house gases?


Does nuclear power produce green house gases?


Which of the following gases is not a green house gas?


When were green house gases first discovered?


What are the green house gases responsible for?

african hunger

75 percent of the global industrial waste and green house gases are released from?

The global industrial waste and green house gases are not the problem, the issue is 75 percent

What are the names of green house gases?

the names of green house gases are :- water vapour carbon dioxide methane ozone Any gas with three or more atomes is considered a green house gas. Water vapor makes up about 80% of all green house gas.

Are green house gases increasing?

yes they are increasing rapidly

What is bad about nylon?

when manufactured it gives of green house gases

Can earthquakes give off green house gases?


Who is the largest emitter of green house gases in India?


What are the causes of increased green house gases in the atmosphere?


What is meant by green house effect?

Green house effect is the hypothesis that certain gases in the high atmosphere hold heat in.

Is the green house gases is good?

Green house gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, are good in moderation. They act like a blanket, keeping the Earth warm and keeping it from going into the next ice age. However, when there are too many green house gases in the atmosphere we have problems like global warming.

What protects earth from the hot and cold extremes of space?

Green house gases protect the earth from the cold and hot extremes of space. The largest percentage of green house gas is water vapor (clouds) There are other green house gases like methane and carbon dioxide. These two gases are in miniscule amounts.

Define green house gases?

Green house gases are radiatively active gases which allow the solar radiations to pass through but reflect back long wave heat radiations. Example Methane, CO2, H2O etc.