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mine weighs about 7400lbs


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The GVW should be inside the door, ours is 11,500

The Crew grossed $13,019,253 worldwide.

All specs for these vehicles can be found at any official Ford website. The F150 weighs probably between 7000-7200lbs depending on the engine size.

The Crew grossed $13,019,253 in the domestic market.

Robbie Loomis was Jeff Gordon's crew chief in 2001.

they are aproxametly 7,000 pounds depending on how they are equiped

You will find a "White" Tag on the drivers side door, or, if you have an extra cab, it will be on the drivers side, front of the rear door. Quad cab is probably on left front door, but may be on rear of drivers side passenger door.

Where is the fuse to the electronic compass-temp on a 2001 super crew?

Dale Sr's crew chief for the 2001 Daytona 500 was Kevin Hamlin.

The weight of a Ford F-550 Super duty crew cab dump truck can be approximately 19,000 pounds. If you add more items to the vehicle then it can be heavier. But on average it is 19,000 pounds.

The gross weight is located on the door jam of the drivers door. It depends on several points of info. (2x4 or 4x4, 2 door, ext cab, crew cab, long bed or short bed, auto or manual). Another way to find this info is to go to the Ford dealer service department near you with the year, make and model. I own a 92 f350 4x4 crew cab and the gross weight is over 10000 lbs. (NO SMOG inspection). Good luck

The Name of the Crew Exploration Vehicle is Orion. It will will hold four people.

In the passenger side rear storage compartment for a 2001 Ford F-150 crew cab according to the Owner Guide

The cast of D.I.P. 2 - 2001 includes: Kory Grim as D.I.P. Crew Amanda MacKay as D.I.P. Crew

I work at FedEx and I don't quite understand your question. The ground handlers load the cargo and the Flight Crew verify the gross weight and GC agrees. After that, there is no special procedures to fly the airplane than what be needed to fly a passenger airplane. Can you restate your Question?

On February 18, 2001, Kevin Hamlin was Dale Sr's crew chief.

You can get a Haynes Repair Manual that covers your vehicle . You can usually find them at you local auto parts store or order from Just do a search for Toyota Tacoma.

Basic Operating weight is the total weight of an unloaded a/c, meanwhile, the DOWis the Basic weight+Bags+flight crew+catering.

Your combined crew weight should be about 120-140 kg, if you're a skipper you should be a little lighter than your crew.

it depends on the size weight and girth of them

The Crew - 2000 was released on: USA: 21 August 2000 (premiere) USA: 25 August 2000 Hungary: 1 March 2001 (video premiere) Lithuania: 31 March 2001 Spain: 25 May 2001 Iceland: 20 July 2001 Argentina: 14 August 2001 (video premiere) Australia: 12 September 2001 (video premiere) Japan: 27 October 2001 (Tokyo) Germany: 15 November 2001

The cast of The Noah Plan - 2001 includes: Brian Michael Finn as Crew member

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