Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?

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2009-12-29 00:18:02

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there is no heli cheat in gra lcs.

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2009-12-29 00:18:02
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Q: Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?
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How do you get the helicopter on grand theft auto liberty city stories for psp?

Alright yo get a Heli on GTA LCS. You have to do the "False Idols" Mission. It lets you Jack a helicopter.

What cheat is the hunter heli in vice city in psp?

There is no cheat for it.

How do you get heli in gta vice city mode with cheats?

There is no cheat for it.

Can you get helicopter in grand theft auto Liberty City stories?

go to youtube or follow my route first there are 2 missions i know that can get heli one falseidols and passion and the heist get the rhino tank then therewill be many enimies then crushthe heli with the tank then push the heli but the heli wil be destoryed if you get confuse but this will work i tried it for 15 times it work then push it to the safehouse garage

How do you get helicopter for grand theft auto Liberty City?

Go to the heli pad or there is a secret helicopter at the three docs of the west coast of the middle island

What is the infinite health cheat for Heli Attack 3?

infinity heath

GTA lcs psp helicopter cheat?

i want to get heli in lcs

How do you get a helli in liberty city for psp?

you actually cant but if u really want one email me and i can send u a save file for free with a heli.

How do you get a heli in gta lcs?

you cant cheat a helicopter you could only find it on airports

What is cheat the helocopter in vice city?

There is no cheat but, you can find it at diaz's big mansion go up the red stairs then the helicopter will be there.also you can find it at the roof of a property next to ammunation gun shop go in where it says roof access then the heli will be there!

How do you get a heli in GTAlcs psp?

Check youtube for the mission false Idols or use the cheat device.

What is the cheat code of helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC?

beat = + heli military

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