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What kind of comedy artists are mitchell and webb?

Mitchell and webb are stand up comedy artists that have the ability to make people laugh by just walking on the stage. They also do prop comedy on the side in some of their shows.

What do comics do?

Stand-up comedy and they tell jokes, I think... failure... They are drawings...with dialogue, usually, that are meant to make people laugh.

Why is Peter Griffin a bad driver?

Because he is a comedy television character. The TV writer want to make the show as funny as possible, and it will naturally be funnier to have a character who is terrible at driving to one that drives well.

What are some words you can make out of the word Comedy?

Some words that you can make out of 'comedy' are:codcodecoedComedecoydemododoedomeDoeDyeedemMemodeodeyeyo

How much money does A.J. Griffin make?

MLB player A.J. Griffin made $505000 in the 2014 season.

What animals make up the griffin?

An eagle and a lion.

What make of guitar does patty griffin play?


Why do they make TV's?

for comedy or entertainment

Did bishop Eddie Long divorce?

Bishop Eddie Long divorced his first wife. He married Vanessa Griffin in 1990 and has four children with her. In September 2010 two men accused him of forcing sex with them but Bishop Long's attorneys have so far denied all allegations.

Did Robert griffin the 3rd make it to the super bowl?


Why is stand up comedy popular at the moment?

Stand up comedy. Is a gift. It's a gift to the world that has a lot of hurt. It's ALWAYS popular. It started out as storytelling. It went into Vaudeville (pre-radio, pre-movie, pre-television entertainment). Now, if you can find a comedian or humourist that defies the common trend and does not swear or lean on rude or blue elements, then you really have comedy. That takes work. Shock and schlock humour - not that funny! Not that hard to do. You have to be smart with words and timing and anthropological knowledge to make strangers laugh - when you want them to! God bless comedians and comedy writers and actors. We need them.

Who frames griffin bing in framed?

Griffin Bing is framed by his arch-nemesis, Darren Vader, who plants stolen collectible cards in Griffin's locker to make it seem like Griffin stole them. Darren also manipulates other evidence to further implicate Griffin in a heist at the local museum.