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you should see a doctor you may have a sexually transmitted disease.

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Can you stop your period?

if you take birth control you will only have it every couple of months, but there is really no way to ever get rid of your period.

Why have you had your period for almost 20 days?

i don't know why i have had it for almost 20 days i am to the point of thinking something is really wrong with me

How long are you on the period?

when you get it, usually for the first couple of years your period is erratic and skips months, and lasts really long or really short. after a while, your period regulates and only lasts about a week or a little longer per month

Does You Period Help You Grow Taller?

It is my professional opinion that you are really short, and your period actually does make you grow. It is quite frequent that girls/women start a growth spurt after that they had their period for a couple of months.

Do you have to get discharge before your first period?

Yes, Its really heavy. It would almost be a dark yellow color.

What can cause a woman to have a lot of vaginal discharge?

If they are horny they can get it really easy and or when having sex they get it. You really get it when you are getting ready for your upcoming period a couple days before!

If you have symptoms of pregnancy but have not missed a period can you still be pregnant?

It's possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant.

How much calories you lose when you release sperm from your body?

Almost none. Sex, however can burn a couple hundred if you're really into it.

Do pounds or shelters kill dogs after a period of time?

Most do yes but after a really long time like if they are there for over a couple of years.

What is a population of a dolphin?

It is unknwn. We don't really know how many dolphins there are because they live almost all over the world! It is estimated at a couple thousands!

Who is the cutest couple?

Well,there really isn't the cutest couple one couple is Miley and Nick but they broke ip so...there really isn't.

Is it possible to bleed in first couple days after conception?

I think so. When i got pregnant with my first baby, I bled really light when I was supposed to have my period.

What is the meaning of SMART?

Smart is Apoorv.Apoorv is smart.Period.There are a couple of meanings of smart. First, it can mean that a person has intelligence, and knows what they are talking about. Second, if someone says that really smarts, it means it was really painful, or it really hurts.

What percentage of movies have love stories in them?

I would say really close to 100% because almost every movie has some sort of love story/ couple in it.

You have had vaginal discharge for almost 2 years when is your period coming?

Discharge hs been known to happen 5 years before first period . If u are really worried contact your doctor

Could you be pregnant if your period is 12 days late and you had a tubal ligation 11 years ago?

There's really no way of telling take a pregnancy test and if it says your pregnant or not just go make an appointment with your doctor the best way to settle that.

Why am I cramping but my period hasn't begun I normally only cramp on the first day of my period what is up?

I sometimes get really bad cramps two days before my period. It has happen to me a few times. Don't stress it should come. Give it a couple of days

Period was four days late arrived light but you have been feeling really sick and tired for a couple of weeks why?

It is possible that you could have mistaken your period for implantation bleeding. You should probably consider taking a pregnacny test.

Can your ring come off your tubes?

Not really. Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure. A 'ring' is not applied, rather a surgical tie.

What term came to symbolize the Kennedy administration as being one of youth aggressiveness and really almost magical?

The term "Camelot" was used to describe that period.

What is the abbreviation for period?

There is really no abbreviation for period

Where can you find a printable period table?

There are a couple of websites you can print them off from, but to be honest, there is not really any reason for having one. You could simply put a star on your calendar when your period starts and another when it ends, or something of that nature which suits you.

Is a Scorpio and a Libra a good couple?

No, not really.

How long does the sensitive period last among dogs?

there really is no answer to this question just give it a couple treats keep them in your hand and have your dog walk up to you also give it a lot of attention

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755,000,000 for a really nice one from Mexico and it comes with a couple of illegal immigrants to install it within a five hour period!