Tubal Ligation

Also known as tubectomy, tubal ligation is a major surgical operation wherein the fallopian tubes are pinched shut, sealed or severed to prevent fertilization. Some studies show that tubal ligation lowers the risk of ovarian cancer.

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Tubal Ligation

Can you get pregnant again ten years after a tubal ligation?

Getting Pregnant After 10 Years

It's unlikely. A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 percent). It can be higher when a tubal is done at the time of a C-section. The failure rate also tends to increase the longer it has been since one had a tubal ligation. The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

Here's other comments from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • Yes, it is very possible 1 in every 200 TL fail (This statistic has no documented source and should not be trusted.
  • It is very possible. In fact, my friend last week found out she was pregnant after having a tubal ligation 11 years ago. The only thing was that it turned out to be a tubal pregnancy. The fetus was attached to the outside of her tube on her right side so she had to have her tube removed. The MD told her that her tubal failed and now she has to take some sort of birth control if she doesn't want to get pregnant. I strongly recommend to anyone who has had this procedure done and has any doubt if they are pregnant to go see their MD or get some medical advice as soon as possible. My friends tubal pregnancy ruptured and she had fever and heavy bleeding right away. This could be fatal, especially if you wait too long.
  • My mom had her tubes tied (I guess that's the same as a tubal ligation). You can get pregnant from it, but most likely it's ectopic (tubal). Go to the doctor immediately. If you are having severe pain, bleeding, etc, go now. It will help you out ALOT. Take a pregnancy test first.
  • Yes, it is possible. I had my tubal ligation in 1991 and became pregnant again in 2002.
  • It is definitely possible. Actually, after 10 years, the failure rate for a tubal ligation increases slightly. My tubal ligation failed after only 4 years. I had my tubal ligation in June of 2000 and had another baby boy in October of 2004. Approximately 1/3 of all pregnancies that occur after a tubal ligation is an ectopic pregnancy though so it's important to see your doctor immediately if you think you're pregnant.
  • I had my tubes tied and cauterized in Dec 2000, after 2nd C-section, I became pregnant in Dec 2004..4 years later. I found out baby made it to utero, but we miscarried shortly after. It was devastating for me, I really wanted another baby. I had a hsg test, tubal dye, and they found my right tube slightly open, but the left is still closed. Now I am depressed every month I get another period, hoping for another baby. I also decided to see if I can have it opened properly giving me every opportunity to have another child. In our province we have to pay for a reversal, so I am hoping they don't expect me to pay for this screw-up...I never asked for any of this, but now that it has happened it's ruining my life...I can't believe something that is "permanent" ... isn't.
  • It's a rare occurrence to become pregnant after having a sterilization or tubal but it is possible. Not all sterilizations procedures are 100% effective and some have a 1-2% failure rate. Because of this it is possible to become pregnant but the chance is very very low.
  • Yes - you can become pregnant. Nature always tries to overcome an obstacle to achieve its only aim - reproduction.
  • After a tubal ligation, it has been found that some women "grow" another fallopian tube in which the egg can enter by.
  • If you wish to get pregnant, then you should consult a doctor to see what the "state" of your tubes are. There are various ways of doing a tubal ligation - some that can be reversed easily. Even if you are found to not have viable fallopian tubes, you can still use IVF to conceive. You will still have your eggs and it is a matter of "harvesting" the eggs, fertilizing them outside the body and then implanting them.
Tubal Ligation
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How soon after tubal ligation can you take a bath?

The day after!

Tubal Ligation
Tubal Reversal

Can i reverse tublication to get pregaant again?

Pregnant After Tubes Burned?Unlikely.

A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 percent). It can be higher when a tubal is done at the time of a C-section. The failure rate also tends to increase the longer it has been since one had a tubal ligation. The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

Here are other answers and opinions from Wiki s contributors:

  • Yes, anything is possible. I personally knew someone who concieved a healthy child after she was tied and burned.
  • Yes, it is possible to get pregnant after having your tubes burned. I had my tubes tied in 2000. I had a modified Pomeroy procedure done (with cauterization). I now have a healthy, happy 5-month-old baby boy five years after having my tubal ligation! If you think you might be pregnant after a tubal ligation, see your doctor immediately. Women who conceive after having a tubal ligation have a greater chance of an ecoptic pregnancy, which can be a life treatening condition.
  • Yes, you can get pregnant. My mother had her tubes tied and burned when I was born in 1983, I now have a happy, bubbly 5-year-old brother!
  • It is not common, but still is very possible. Even after a vasectomy some women (that do not cheat) will still become pregnant. This is how doctors get sued.
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Can you tie one fallopian tube?

Birth Control
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Birth Control Pill

What is the best method of birth control if you cannot take the pill?

If by "best" you mean most reliable, then the best method of birth control not involving the pill is a vasectomy (male sterilization), with a 99.85% annual success rate. Annual success rate means the likelihood of a normally sexually active couple going one year without pregnancy. Other reliable methods include combined injections (Lunelle or Cycloferm - 99.8% annual success rate), Essure (99.8%), IUD with progesterone (99.8%), tubul ligation (99.5%), and copper IUD (99.2%). Male latex condoms have an 85% annual success rate, however they have the added benefit of reducing sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Refer to the related links below for a more detailed presentation of birth control method failure rates.

The best method is one that works best for you.

If you have problems with pills, I would not recommend any hormonal contraception. You can use Rhythm Method, IUD or condoms (female and male) - all have high effectiveness up to 97-98%.

Best Contraception method is Dual Contraception which can prevent not only unplanned pregnancy but also vaginal infections including STDs

use NuvaRing...it gives you no side effects..well i didn't get any...and its easy and you don't have to worry on taking it everyday etc...

**NuvaRing IS a form of hormonal contraception. The NuvaRing vaginal ring and the Mirena IUD are both made of plastic that slowly releases a type of synthetic progesterone over time. The reason they have less side effects than pills are because they're placed in your reproductive system rather than being taken by mouth, so less of the hormone is hitting other parts of your body like your brain or skin. The copper T-380 IUD does not contain hormones. The brands I mentioned apply to the USA, other brands of hormone or copper IUDs may be available in other countries. Personally I used the Mirena for 1 year and had no problems except that it fell out unexpectedly so I will be looking to get another one placed.

I was wondering what about Vaginal Contraceptive Film also known as VCF?

Depo-provera shot and i have not gained weight on it either! as a matter of fact I have no side effects from it.

I would say that and IUD may be something to look into. It isn't a chemical of any kind. Or condoms. Those are one of the most effective. I would recommend, personally staying away from the depo shot. I know, some people love it, but I know a lot who have a lot of problems while on it. Both are something to ask the doctor about. Depo, you need to get a shot every three months. With an IUD it is inserted into the vagina and can be there for up to 5 years. And can be removed anytime with no "waiting period" before it's "out of your system." I have never had an IUD, but I know a close friend and she wouldn't use anything else. Also, one last suggestion, maybe the birth control patch or rhythm method.

Some have found contraceptive foam to be highly effective when bc pills cannot be used

Totally forget the pullout method completely. That's how I got pregnant. I have an IUD and I highly recommend it. However, it is inserted into your uterus, not your vagina. And, it does release a small amount of hormones directly into your uterus. It works by not allowing an egg to implant itself. I think it's the best idea because one doesn't have to worry about taking pills or putting on patches and I've known women who have had adverse reactions to DEPO ie weight gain and emotional issues. The best way not to get pregnant is not to have sex at all.

Consider one of the fertility monitor computers designed for avoiding pregnancy. They work a lot like the clearplan easy monitors for couples trying to conceive only they tell you which days not to have unprotected sex.

The concept is similar to the old calendar method but much easier to follow with less chance for error.

There are no side effects. You could combine it with another method for extra safety too.

I think the BioSelf is one of the better ones, it has good effectiveness statistics and has no disposable sticks that need replacing every month so it comes out cheaper long term.

I stopped taking the pill because it made me sick and started taking Depo-Provera (a shot you get every 12 weeks). It's just as effective as the pill and I love it!!

Yes, the shot is probably the best and easiest way to take action on birth control i don't take anything but I've heard that the shot is 50% more accurate than the pills and pills can cause many things to happen to your body so start taking the shot and don't risk the chance

You didn't mention the reason for not being able to take the pill, so the question has many answers. For me, I wasn't able to take the pill as the hormones caused something similar to PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Distress Disorder). I had terrible mood swings, irritability, mental instability, etc. After two years of the pull & pray method (along with condoms and vaginal contraceptive films), I asked my OB/GYN about NuvaRing. I used it for just over 2 years and had wonderful results. No more craziness! The only side effects were breast tenderness and swelling for the first 3 months (actually resulted in a permanent cup size increase) and increased discharge (have to wear pantyliner everyday and change them often). Both were something I could live with. You may want to ask your health care professional about other hormone alternatives to the pill! (I only stopped the ring to try and start a family. I hope it's something I can go back to after we have a child.)

If money/health insurance is the problem, please visit your county health department. They usually have a pay by income program, so some people qualify for free annual visits and the pill. They may also be able to provide you with free condoms.

If you are underage and feel as you cannot talk with your parents, again please visit your county health department. They again may be able to counsel with you and answer some questions you may have.

CONDOMS AND a vaginal suppository, such as encare. Encare dissolves in the vagina, and like Foam, it kills sperm on contact. The ingredient in Encare- Nonoxynol-9, is said to kill the HIV virus, although some people disagree. These two forms should keep you safe.

I have been practicing Natural Family Planning for the last ten years and am so satisfied that I will never use artificial contraception.

The best form of birth control that you can take if you cannot take the pill is the patch. its very effective, you change it every week and it has no side effects.

Many people who can't take the contraceptive pill choose to have the 3 monthly depo provera injection. This is often the preferred contraception choice for woman from cultures that do not look kindly upon pre marital sex such as Muslims and Sub Continental Indians where the discovery of a contraceptive pill packet by family members is a major event.

Many women do not get periods whilst on depo provera (some see this is a bonus!) whilst others may experience spotting.

If you can't take the pill, the mechanical solution is for the male to wear a condom.

The chemical solution is a depo provera shot every three months.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Pregnancy Symptoms
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Cramping During Pregnancy

Is abdominal pain a symptom of pregnancy?

Stomach pain can be a symptom of many things, including pregnancy.

Here are opinions and advice from FAQ Farmers:

  • Don't think that it's the baby kicking or something, usually with pregnancy it's merely gas. Don't overreact to simple stomach pain, most of the time when you think you're pregnant, most of the pain you feel is paranoid related. Wait to see if you skip your period, and even then it doesn't exactly mean you're pregnant. My advice, see if you skip your period, wait about two weeks to see if you're just a little late, then get up the courage and take a pregnancy test.
  • The pregnancy tests at a health dept. are more accurate when it comes to your not being pregnant, but if you take a home pregnancy test and it comes out positive it's 99.9% sure you are. If it comes out negative, its only 50% accurate.
  • HPT's especially the digital ones you can now get are ALWAYS 99.9% correct. It depends on when the woman takes the HPT that gives the answer. Take the test too soon and it will come out negative, take it a few days after the period is due and you will have a proper answer.
  • I think that abdominal pain could be a sign of pregnancy. my period is due tomorrow and i am not sure if it is going to come or not. i could be pregnant myself, and this morning around 0630 am, i had some bad bad lower abdominal pain, close to my lover vaginal area, and i got a little scared. it was a sharp pain and i couldn't move. i think that it could be a sign of pregnancy.
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Can you get pregnant 3 years after a tubal ligation?

theres always a chance!

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How do you plan an inexpensive wedding?

OK, face the fact - weddings can be a really expensive proposition. The average wedding nowadays costs about $15000 - $20000 and that too without too many frills. But even in this day and age it is possible to have an inexpensive wedding without it being any less special or unique than most other weddings. You just have to figure out how to manage that.

Well, here are some tips that will help you to save money on the more expensive aspects of a wedding, thus helping you to have an inexpensive wedding.

Reception: This constitutes a major cost of most weddings. Here?s how you can have an inexpensive reception:

  • Keep the guest list small. Invite only your closest family and friends and not people that you haven?t met in years.
  • Try to have the reception at home or in someone else?s home or maybe even a restaurant. You will save a lot of money on expensive halls and clubs.
  • Reduce the number of courses of the meal. Try and cater it yourself to further reduce costs.
  • Do not have a full bar; serve only beer and wine.

Photographer: Photography can considerably add to the cost of weddings.

  • Hire a photographer only for the actual ceremony and have some of your family members or a friend do the photography for the rest of the event.
  • Shop around and see if you can get an inexpensive photographer.

Wedding Invitations: Invitations and other type of wedding stationery are hidden costs that can make a wedding expensive.

  • Make your own invitations. These will turn out a whole lot cheaper and will also look very personalized.
  • Try and make your own place cards and thank-you notes as well. This can go a long way in reducing wedding expenses.

The Wedding Gown: This is by far a considerable cost to most weddings.

  • You are going to wear your wedding dress just once. So rent a dress instead of buying an expensive one, or you could even get a second hand wedding dress for a lot cheaper than a new one. Remember, it too will probably have been worn just once as well.
  • Have your wedding gown stitched by a family member if it is possible.
  • A great way to save money on a wedding gown is to wear your mother?s or your grandmother?s wedding gown if it is still in a good condition. You could even start a unique wedding tradition of your own!

Don?t buy expensive flowers but try to pick them from your garden or a friend?s garden.

Have unique hand-made wedding favors and centerpieces.

Get a friend or relative to bake you a nice wedding cake.

All these steps can be taken to have an inexpensive wedding. With just a little bit of effort and a lot of imagination, you can have the wedding of your dreams; and an inexpensive one at that.

I have now been married over 30 years. We got married just as I graduated from university and my husband was still at university.

I made my own wedding dress from fabric I had bought in a sale, I also made my bridesmaid dress. Just have one or two bridesmaids their dresses can cost a fortune too, I just had my sister. I did try on my mother's dress but it had been shortened for two aunts so was not long enough for me.

My father (who was a nurseryman) grew all the flowers, but if you don't know a gardener you could just carry a simple bouquet. A friend of mine with very wavy/curly hair wore a very simple dress and went out on the morning of her wedding and picked daisies from the lawn which she scattered in her curls.

Do most of the cooking for the reception. My mother made rice salad, my family were still eating it when we returned from honeymoon (the family still laugh about this one). My mother-in-law made one tier of my cake, I made one and my mother made one. My mother and I decorated it. Some friends have recently had a pile of profiteroles with chocolate sauce as their cake.

Don't have professional cars, ask a friend with either a very smart car, or a quirky car to take you to the ceremony then on to the reception. Decorate it with lots of ribbons (wrapping ribbon will do) and flowers. The smarter the car the less it needs as decoration.

As someone else said, just have a photographer for the ceremony. Put a little throwaway camera on each table at the reception. Or possibly nowadays ask everyone to take digital photos and email them to you. You can then make a very personal album.

A university friend took us from the reception to the station for our honeymoon, and provided us with one of our abiding memories. The car would not start and we were seen on our way by assorted fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins giving us a push start to ge the car going.

If you are going to use rice rather than confetti , cook it first in different food colorings. Do not throw uncooked rice as it will be eaten by birds, swell up and kill them.

Tubal Ligation

Is the ligation effect women horny?

A tubal ligation does not have a physical effect as in making women more aroused but just knowing that you can have sex without risking pregnancy makes many more inclined to make sex a spur of the moment thing.

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Do you still ovulate after a tubal ligation?

Tubal ligation is a form of birth control and there is only a slight risk of pregnancy after the procedure has been done. The objective of a tubal ligation is to block the fallopian tunes to prevent eggs from traveling from the ovaries down the fallopian tubes, becoming fertilized and implanting in the uterus

Yes. You still ovulate after a tubal ligation and have normal monthly periods with all the associated discomfort. A woman who has their tubes tied still ovualtes, but the egg can't be fertilized because the egg and sperm can't meet.

Tubal Ligation

What is the best route from Nogales to Nuevo Laredo Mexico?

Probably the fastest way would be to cross the border into Nogales, Arizona, take I-19 North up to Tuscon, I-10 East to San Antonio, bypass San Antonio by taking I-410 WEST, then I-35 South to Laredo, Texas and cross the boarder back into Nuevo Laredo. It's around 1100 miles and should take you about 15 hours if you average 72 mph. Bon Voyage.

Tubal Ligation

Can you get pregnant after you have your tubes tied?

The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

Of the sterilization failures in CREST, one third were ectopic pregnancies (not within the uterus).

Because of the high rate of ectopic pregnancy, women of child bearing age who have had tubal sterilization should have a pregnancy test performed if they have not had a menstrual period. If the woman is pregnant, then she should be evaluated further for the presence of an ectopic pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms
Tubal Ligation

What are the symptoms of tubal ligation pregnancies?

Excruciating lower abdominal pain, fever, flu-like symptoms, possible hemmoraging.

Tubal Ligation

What are the requirements for getting your tubes tied in Arizona?

I just had tubal litigation done here in Arizona. My insurance made me wait 30 days from the time I asked for it to be done. They want you to wait so they make sure that it is what you want to do. So I think most insurances will make you wait that long at least. If you are paying cash then I'm not sure if there is a waiting period.

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What does it mean to get your tubes tied?

Getting your tubes tied is an expression for a tubal ligation procedure. Tubal ligation is form of female sterilization, a permanent birth control method. Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that seals fallopian tubes and eliminates the chance of pregnancy.

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How soon is a home pregnancy test accurate?

A pregnancy test can be positive before you even have missed a period. Many tests can provide positive results within 10 days after you become pregnant, however it is usually best to wait until you've missed a period because the HCG hormone (the hormone found in early pregnancy)will be stronger which in that case will give you definite results.

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How do you plan an island destination wedding?

Most people nowadays want to plan something different for their wedding other than the usual stuff that weddings are made of. One such way that is increasingly gaining in popularity is � Island Destination Weddings.

Island destination weddings can be great fun for those who wish to stay away from all the fuss that a wedding at home is sure to create. Planning an island wedding is real easy as most resorts on the popular island destinations now take care of all the details of a wedding. All you have to do is show up!

The Bahamas boasts many resorts that can plan a great wedding for you in less than 24 hours! Even the Caribbean Islands are a popular place for island destination weddings.

While most of the wedding planning details can be taken care of by your resort manager, there are some things that you should keep in mind while planning an island destination wedding. These are:

  • Ensure that the wedding in your chosen country will be deemed valid in your home country.
  • Be aware of all the local requirements for a wedding such as licenses, blood tests etc.
  • Find out if there is a minimum residency period before the wedding can take place.
  • Make sure that all the necessary paperwork from your place of worship is at hand if you wish to have a religious ceremony at your island destination wedding.
  • See that all legal requirements such as visas, foreign exchange etc is taken care of for you and the rest of the wedding party.
  • Speak with the resort manager and try to find out what weddings they have planned for foreigners in the past and their relative experience in planning island destination weddings.

One thing to remember is that no matter how early you start to plan your island destination wedding, it will not be possible to have all your family and friends with you as not everyone may be able to take time off for the wedding.

If you decide to have your island destination wedding in the open, then please remember to have a back-up plan ready in case it rains on the big day!

Thanks for the tip.

I'm getting married in non-religious formal evening ceromony in May 2006 on the fabulous exotic romantic Island of Maui Hawaii.

Tubal Ligation
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What is the expected recovery time for a tubal ligation?

I heard that it can take up to 8 weeks to fully recover from a tubal. I had a scheduled C section, and a tubal. I am now one month post, and I feel tender still in areas, and still feel kinda bloated. I just started to feel little "twinges" on my left side, in my ovarie area. They are sharp, and only come on at times.. Anyway, remember, I had a C section also, so the recovery time for just a tubal is probably sooner.

AnswerI had a tubal ligation laproscopically (not at the time of a pregnancy/birth)last week. It is exactly one week later, and I feel totally fine, and have resumed all my normal activities and sexual intercourse. The first day I was groggy from the anesthesia and a little sore around my belly button (where the incision was). The second day, I was sore around my neck area from the gas they used to bloat my diaphragm for the surgery. The third day, I was able to lift my son again, and my belly wasn't sore, but the second small incision in the pubic area was a bit tender. But by the fourth day, I felt great. After one week, I still have bruising around my belly button, but am back to normal otherwise! :) AnswerI am 43 and had my tubes tied the beginning of Feb. The recovery was pretty quick. I had a sore belly(like I did too many sit ups!) for a few days and gas pains. I had the surgery on Friday and went back to work on Tuesday. You just can't do any heavy lifting for a few weeks. I really did feel back to normal in about a week.
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Where to get Tubal reversal in Mexico?

I was married at 32 and immediately tried to get pregnant. When I was unable to conceive I had blood tests for fertility and was told that I had an FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) of 54 and would not be able to have children. Even though the doctors knew that I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis since age 25, no one bothered to check my thyroid levels. my TSH was measured at .001. My Synthroid dosage was lowered. a friend advise me to contact a spiritualist who help with fertility with his medicine, i collected his contact and explain my situation to him he prepared for me a herbal medicine which i took as describe by him. became pregnant very quickly, I had a successful pregnancy. I have my baby august 2017. to get pregnant at age 35 with my 2nd child in september 2019, thank you sir , this is his email contact if you require his help babaka.wolf @ gmail . com or Facebook at priest.babaka

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Were medical tools used in the 1700's?


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Can a tubal ligation reverse itself in time?


Tubal Ligation

How much to untie tubes in Arkansas?

it mostly runs to 5,000 to 6,000 but that is just for the surgery it doesnt count for the exam before u have the surgery you have to pay that sep.

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How do you plan an outdoor wedding?

You'll need a backup plan for in case bad weather strikes.

Pregnancy Symptoms
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy after you have had a tubal ligation?



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