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Happy as a mud lark came from where?

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I have two theories: A mudlark is a bird that could be found foraging on the banks of the River Thames in Victorian London, when the river was heavily polluted. Presumably they could have looked happy whilst foraging. A mudlark is also the name given to someone who works or spends time in mud, like a street urchin playing. As lark can also mean play as in "to lark about" this seems reasonable. We've all seen little boys who are happiest when getting themselves dirty. So maybe it is a parallel to the expression "happy as a pig in muck" There is some evidence that the bird was named after this definition of mudlark, rather than vice versa. I don't know if either are 100% true, but they do make sense

2007-07-02 20:26:25
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What is the cliche phrase Happy as a?

happy as a lark happy as a clam happy as a pig in mud happy as a kid in a candy store happy as a fly in honey

Exampls of a cliche that uses the words happy and as?

happy as a clamhappy as a kid in a candy storehappy as a larkhappy as a loonhappy as a pig in mud

What birds name ends with ark?

lark skylark mud lark sea lark titlark sand lark rock lark meadow lark

What is the Japanese Song from Aomori?

The Japanese folk song from Aomori is all about the changing seasons and it's affect on the mud lark and the singing frog. Summer and Spring being times that are playful where they are happy and free. Winter being cold and full of ice takes a toll on their 'heaven' or environment. While Autumn's changing leaves lead them to realize their world is on 'fire' and winter is coming. The poem goes as follows: When summer comes, The paddy pools grow warm The mud lark and the singing frog Are happy, are happy Thinking they're in bath. When winter comes, The paddy pools are filmed with ice, The mud lark and the singing frog Must think their heaven has stretched Has stretched and grown above. When spring comes There's water in the paddy pools The mud lark and the singing frog Are happy, are happy Thinking they're in the sea. When autumn comes, The hills and dales turn red The mud lark and the singing frog Craning their necks above, Must think of the hills are on fire.

Complete the simile as happy as?

as happy as lark

How happy is a lark?

Quite happy (hence the expression)

What word goes with this simile of words happy as a?

as happy as a lark as happy as a king as happy as a clam as happy as dog with two tails as happy as a sandboy as happy as Larry as happy as one can be

What figure of speech is used in the expression happy as a lark?

The use of "as" in the phrase "happy as a lark" incorporates the use of a simile. In addition, lark is typically used as a symbol for hope, happiness and good fortune.

Is the child is happy as a lark an analogy?


Where did the saying 'happy as a lark' originate?

Derived from comparison to the seemingly cheerful birdsong of a lark

What word does this make phyap as a ralk?

Happy as a lark

Simile anwer ''as happy as a..''?

as happy as a lark, clown, lady bug, etc.

What does the idiom happy as a pig in mud mean?

This isn't an idiom because you can figure out what it means without someone telling you. When you see "AS ____ AS _____" you're looking at A Simile - a type of comparison. They're comparing someone's happiness to the happiness of a pig wallowing around in the mud.

Which came first shale or mud?


What is a simile for 'as happy as'?

Happy as a clam/a sandboy/Larry.

Why is a lark happy?

Larks are passerine birds of the family Alaudidae. Happy as a lark is a popular saying. Most people use this saying when they are extremely happy about a situation. Larks sing a lot more than any other bird.

Happy as a pig in mud?

The phrase, "Happy as a pig in mud," is used to describe a person who is extremely happy. It means someone is enjoying themselves.

What are some idioms for the word happy?

happy as a larkhappy as a clamfat and happyput on a happy facehappy-go-luckyfind a happy mediuma happy camperhappy hour

Which sentence contains a cliche A. When she got the letter from her friend she was as happy as a lark. B. The old man decided to make peace with his family. C. Too many?

Happy as a lark is the cliché or overused expression.

What other name can also be given to the peewee or mud lark?

Lapwing. The Northern-Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is a familiar bird on UK farmland.

What nicknames does Shannon Lark go by?

Shannon Lark goes by Lark.

What is the original phrase for your name is mud?

In the 16th Century the word 'mud' was used to describe anything that was worthless and was linked with other English phrases such as 'dragged through the mud - mud in your eye. In the 19th century more phrases came into being, such as 'as thick as mud - as rich as mud - as fat as mud'. It was only a matter of time before the word was used in connection with someone's name. Thus an insult came into being as 'your name is mud' meaning you are unpopular.

What does happier than a lark mean?

To understand this saying you need to understand what a lark is. A lark is a small European songbird which makes its nest in summer in open fields. To attract a mate and to defend its territory, the male lark sings a beautiful, loud, happy sounding, trilling song. It does this by flying high above its nest so, so high that it is difficult to spot the bird even though it is making this lovely noise. Thus as you hear a lark on nice hot summer days in rolling open country, the sound is associated with summer and happiness. Thus the expression 'happy as a lark' describes someone 'in their element' perhaps singing away to themselves and obviously very contented with what they are doing.

If pigs could fly would they be happy?

Pigs are happy with a nice wading pool, or, barring that, with a roll in the mud.

Is a lark a noun?

Yes. Lark is a noun.