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If he did, I dont think its something he talks about too often. And if he wanted to murder somebody, he wouldn't do it personally. He does happen to be a very powerfull man.

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Did Bill Gates get murdered?

No, its a hoax

Did anyone try to stop Bill Gates from making Microsoft?


What is the bank tracking number for Bill Gates?

There is no conceivable legitimate reason for anyone other than Bill Gates, and those he specifically gives it to, to have that information.

2nd most rich person alive?

bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates bill gates

Could Bill Gates be a vegetarian?

Anyone could be a vegetarianif they tried or wanted to be.

Why Bill Gates name is gates?

Bill Gates' name is Gates because the last name of his father was Gates.

Who is bill gates parents?

Bill Gates parents are William H. Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates

What is Bill Gates last name?

Bill Gates' last name is Gates

Where is Bill Gates from?

Bill Gates is from Seattle, Washington.

Full name of Bill Gates?

bill gates

What nationality is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is American

Is Bill Gates single?

Bill Gates is married.

What did bill gates do as child?

what did bill gates do when he was young

What is the original name of bill gates?

Bill Gates

Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

Microsoft is partly owned by Bill Gates. Bill Gates also owns the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates also owns part of Corbis and Berkshire Hathaway.Microsoft

Who is more famous bill gates or Sonic the Hedgehog?

BILL GATES IS MORE FAMOUS THAN SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.Bill Gates: 7,580,000Sonic the Hedgehog: 6,430,000Source: Googlefight.comBill Gates i think.Bill Gates

What entrepreneur is best known for making computers easy enough for anyone to use?

Bill Gates

What entrepreneurs is best known for making computers easy enough for anyone to use?

Bill Gates

When did Bill Gates start Gates foundation?

Bill Gates started his foundation in 1994.

When did Bill Gates died?

Bill Gates is still alive.

Who killed Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is still alive.

Who is the best webmaster in the world?

Bill Gates Bill Gates

What did Bill Gates found?

Bill gates founded Microsoft.

Is Bill Gates a millionaire or a billionaire?

Bill Gates is a billionaire.

Did Bill Gates have boys?

yes bill gates had a son.