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yes his name is tripp johnston YES , she gave birth to Tripp in December 2008

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Is Bristol Palin a member of Scientology yet?


Has Sarah Palin's daughter married yet?

yes Bristol palin has. she is also pregnant.

Is Bristol Palin married?

Not yet. She and Levi are still engaged and "planning a summer wedding" according to The New York Post.

Has beyonce given birth yet?


When did Sarah Palin die?

Sarah Palin has not died yet

What school did Bristol Palin graduate from?

i believe she hasn't yet my bro is at Wasilla high graduating may 15 i think i believe she hasn't yet my bro is at Wasilla high graduating may 15 i think

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Has Beyoncรฉ given birth yet?

yes she has and her baby is absolutely beautiful

Young female swine?

A female pig that has not yet given birth to piglets is called a gilt.

What is Jo Joyner's twins called?

As of January 2010, she hasn't given birth to the twins yet.

Has jools oliver given birth to her third baby yet?

Yes, a baby girl called Petal

What do the colours of Mary's clothes signify?

Mary was said to have given birth to Jesus and yet been a virgin. Her clothes signify her virginity.

Female for boar?

A mature female pig is called a sow, a young pig that has not given birth or has yet to reach maturity is called a gilt.

Is it correct to use approval not yet given?

You could write "approval not yet given". This masks the identity of who has not yet given approval; e.g. it is a passive construction. More active, you could say, The committee has not yet approved your application. (e.g. "someone" has not yet approved "something").

Is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep released in Hawaii yet?

Not yet.

What is Brazil's date of birth?

not discovered yet

Can robots give birth?

not yet the dont

Is heifer masculine?

A heifer is a term that refers to a young female cow that has not given birth to a calf yet. Heifer would be considered more feminine than masculine.

Is ther a such thing as male birth control pill?

No, there is no such thing as the male birth control pill. The idea of male birth control pills has been around for a long time, but it's yet to be produced due to safety concerns. Female birth control pills have many health risks, but more concern is given to males safety.

What was banksys birth name?

We dont know ... yet

Did Nicole polazzi give birth yet?

no dumb a$$

A sentence with the word definite?

She has not given me a definite answer yet.

Date of birth of mohit sehgal of mileyjabhumtumstarone?

nobody knows yet it's not been revealed YET..........

What is the meaning of the word heifer?

The word heifer refers to a young female cow. The term is used when referring to a female cow that has not yet given birth to a baby cow, also known as a calf.

What rotation symmetry does a regular nonagon have?

it has...well i dont know yet becuase you havent yet given me a answer