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AnswerThe "E18 error" is a code that flashed on the screen of many older models of Canon cameras if the camera encountered problems during the lens extension process. Many things can cause this problem, such as the lens being obstructed during extension, or from sand or grit interference in the gearing mechanism, or from actual physical damage, such as from dropping the camera.

This problem is still common today for ALL makes of cameras that use telescopic lens barrels (not just Canon cameras). Other camera makers commonly use the error term "lens error, restart camera" to flash on the LCD screen when this problem occurs. Canon's choice to originally use the cryptic "E18 error" for this problem just made the problem seem to be strictly a Canon issue.

Fortunately there are many online guides that illustrate several techniques to repair this problem. Many of these techniques do not involve opening the camera case. They may be quickly found by conducting a simple search engine search for "lens error repair".

2010-01-02 17:46:06
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