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Has Colt discontinued the Gunsight models for 2007?

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Yes. It is not in the 2007 catalog.

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Colt police special?

One of many models made by Colt

How do you disassemble a colt co2 bb gun?

Colt makes several different models. Which one are you asking about?

Can you use plus p ammo in the colt detective?

Really not recommended for early models. Don't know about later models.

What is colt 32-20 revolver army special serial?

Your question is pretty much not answerable as asked. Colt has made many handguns in that caliber in different models and variations of models. You also did not provide the serial number. If you call Colt and give them the sn, they can tell you.

Do you have any info on a Colt 38 Special Seria No 546141?

There are different models that take Colt .38 specials. Go to to find your model.

Who is the favorite for the Heisman Trophy in 2007?

colt brennen

What actors and actresses appeared in And Counting - 2007?

The cast of And Counting - 2007 includes: Maurice David Powers as Davie Colt Parrish as Colt Randy Trent as Dying Man

What are the models of a 357 Colt Python with a 6 inch barrel?

the Colt Python is a 'model' but no number was used....................they came in 2 1/2 inch barrel, 6" and 8"

What are the different models of colt .45 auto?

There have been dozens of variations on the basic 1911 and 1911A1.

What is the age and value of a Colt 36 caliber revolver with a Colt Patent number 5556 and serial number 175556?

There are many different models that were produced in .36 caliber so you will have to narrow it down some. try here after doing that.

What is value of Colt 25 caliber automatic handgun?

It depends on exactly which model, for instance, I sold a Colt 1908 Pocket .25 the other day for $300. Other models are worth different amounts.

Did colt produced colt commander model with an M1911A1 US Army frame and having Serial Number No.1152033?

I don't think so, because Colt frame having M1911A1 US ARMY with serial number 1152033 was produced in 1943 contrary to the fact that colt commander models production were onlystarted in 1949.

What age is a colt model that's 35979?

A search on the Colt website shows a range of 1852 to 1964 across 27 different models. Without more information there is no way to narrow it down any further.

What are Colt Pistols made of?

depends on the pistol but older models were wood and steel and newer ones are usually a hard plastic and steel.

How many 40 caliber mk 4 series 80 government models were made?

Only Colt knows and they aren't about to divulge that information.

Colt Police Positive 38 caliber with the serial number being 491920 What year was this manufactured?

Most manufacturers of firearms keep detailed records of various models and their respective manufacture date. Check out the Colt firearms website as a starter

What is the most common pistol that was used in the civil war?

I would say it was the Colt revolver. This pistol was produced in various models, calibers and styles. The US Government placed orders for them and many more were bought by private money. The two common model was the Colt Navy in .36 caliber and the Colt Army in .44 caliber.

What companies sold rifles base upon Mauser actions remanufactured by Colt?

the springfield 1903, older war models of Remington and Winchester. the r7.

What actors and actresses appeared in Julie and the Clown - 2007?

The cast of Julie and the Clown - 2007 includes: Michelle Colt Peter Daniel Straus Stephanie Sellars

What is the magazine capacity of the Colt M1911 series pistols?

The 1911 is manufactured by many different companies, and in a number of sized. There are compact models, which typically hold six rounds, and there are full sized models, which typically use a seven round magazine.

Which NCAA football player has the most career wins?

Colt McCoy - QB, Texas Longhorns - 2007-2010

What is the age of the colt MK4 S70 SN2122779?

The Colt MK4 Series 70 models were manufactured from 1970 until 1983. I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any information on that specific gun.Colt Firearms provides this service. See the link below for information.

Are there models of colt MK IV whose serial numbers are compose of only 6 numbers with out any letters?

Custom serial numbers are one explanation

Why did Sameul Colt invent the colt 45?

Sam Colt did not invent the Colt 45. .

What is the age of Colt official police 22 long rifle serial 10590?

made about 1914........................ I disagree. Colt first produced the Official Police model in 1930. "" says that Colt began 1935 Official Police models wih serial number 4000 and 1936 began with number 11000 so your pistol was made in 1935.