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Jail Time for Eminem

Marshall Mathers, III (aka Eminem) was arrested twice in June 2000 on gun charges in Michigan, and was hit in 2001 with probationary sentences in both cases, one in Royal Oak, the other in Warren (below you'll find mug shots from both those arrests). The rapper was nabbed by Warren cops for carrying a concealed weapon and assault after fighting with a man he saw kissing his estranged wife Kim outside of a club. He also got popped for brandishing a weapon during a parking lot beef with members of the rival rap outfit "Insane Clown Posse".


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hes not. hes never been 2 jail

Yes he has, multiple times

yes Eminem have gone to jail

0 0 0 0 0 he has neva been to jail but kim has been to jail twice

He has never been to jail although he has been sued 47 times (so far) :)

Eminem has went to jail twice

Eminem Ain't Never Been To Prison. He Has Been In Court Many Times But Has Never Received Jail Time.

Never, hes been on probation twice.

no he hasn't but weezy eminem and plies have been

He is not going to jail.

Eminem wasn't in jail, he was in PRISON.Ii believe he was in jail for shooting a couple people.

eminem never went to jail but kim did for drugs one of them is pot...ect

No. Eminem has never gone to jail. He has received probation, but never jailtime.

Yes he did go to jail.

3 times! but only on probation, never really been in jail.

yes its true but that was ages ago. he had 10 years in jail if u dont belive me go on google and type celebs that have been to prison then scroll down the page until you find eminem No. Eminem Was 23 When He Realeased Infinite. He Has Been To Jail 1 Time Afterward's For Assult On A Man. Before That He Has Been To 1 Time As Well. Not For That Reason.

he whent to prison not jail for gun charges

He was addicted to drugs

yes. yes he was.

He was caught taking drugs.

No, he almost did but did probation instead.

Marshall Mathers hasn't been to jail but he's been to prison for a couple of gun charges. i live in Michigan and you can look through the prisons previous and current prisoners and it'll tell you on there.

Yes h was when he took drugs

hes benn to jail 2 times but to court7 times

No, Eminem has not been on a Madden game.

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