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no they have they are only friends

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โˆ™ 2010-04-01 21:06:02
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Q: Has Justin Bieber gone out with Vanessa Hudgens?
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Who has Vanessa Hudgens gone out with?

Vanessa Hudgens has gone out with Drake Bell and Zac Efron

Has Justin Bieber went to prison?

No, Justin Bieber has never gone to prison.

Did Justin bieber went to jail and how do you know?

No, Justin Bieber has never gone to jail.

Did Justin bieber ever been to jail?

No, Justin Bieber has never gone to jail.

What is negative about Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber has not gone through puberty, and he is totally gay.

Has Justin Bieber been to Kansas City?

Justin bieber has gone to Kansas city

Who has Justin Bieber gone on tour with?

.._> me:)

Has Justin Bieber gone to Italy?

yes :]

Did Justin Bieber gone to a school in Arizona?


Who was the author of gone with wind?

justin bieber

Did Justin Bieber came to the uae?

Justin bieber MAY come to uae, but he hasn't gone there yet

Are Demi Lovato and Justin bieber going out?

Justin Bieber has in fact never gone out with Demi Lovato but does think she is cute and has a gorgeous smile. They have never gone out.

How Many Times did Justin Bieber go to jail?

Justin Bieber has never gone to jail before.

Where hasn't Justin bieber gone?

I think Justin hasn't visited Nepal

Where is Justin Bieber gone on tour at?

He has been gone for a least 10 weeks

Has Justin Bieber gone on Oprah show?


Has Justin Bieber gone out with Miley Cyrus?


Did justin Bieber ever gone out with taylor swift?

1. its Bieber 2. ew no

Has Justin bieber ever gone to jail?

Nope :D

Has Justin Bieber gone on the website Habbo?

No and he is not welcome too.

Who has gone out with Justin bieber?

Selena Gomez is currently going out with him

Does Miley Cyrus go out with Justin beaver?

Miley Cyrus has not gone out with Justin Bieber before.

What are the three girlfriends of Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber has had a total of 3 girlfriends in his life. Two were brunette, and the other was blonde. Justin bieber has gone out with Caitlin Beadles, the other 2 names have not been released.

Is justin bieber has a adam's apple?

Yes, he has. He has gone thru puberty.

Have Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber ever gone on a date?

yeah they have :)