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yes it has but i dont no when if you no please tell me thanks

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How many times mercury has been hit by asteroids?

Mercury has been hit 142 times

Does mercury have any asteroids or comets?

No. While mercury has undoubtedly been hit by asteroids and comets, it does not "have" any.

Can an asteroid hit Mercury?

Yes. All the planets can and have been hit by asteroids.

Does Mercury have and moons or satellites?

Mercury has no moons or satellites but is frequently hit by asteroids because of it's low atmosphere.

How do we know the moon has been hit by asteroids?

We know that the Moon has been hit by asteroids because we can see the craters on the Moon from past collisions

Which asteroids and comets are on Mercury?

There are no known asteroids or comets that have impacted Mercury.

Why are Mercury and the Earth's moon so cratered?

Because in the past, just after the moon and mercury was formed a lot of asteroids hit mercury and the moon.

When did craters form on mercury?

The craters on Mercury were formed by the impacts of asteroids and comets, which have been hitting Mercury since it formed.

Did the planet mercury GED hit by a raid of asteroids as a young planet?

For sure. All the planets were bombarded by asteroids in the early formation of the solar system

Can asteroids hit California?

Yes. Asteroids can hit anywhere.

Why are there so many craters in mercury?

Mercury, like all other other planets, has been hit by asteroids and comets. However, unlike Earth, Venus, or Mars it has not atmosphere to protect it from impacts and no weather or geologic forces to destroy them.

Did an asteroid hit Mars?

Yes. All planets in the solar system have been hit by asteroids.

How many times venus has been hit by asteroids?

millions of times

Can asteroids hit Saturn?

Yes. Asteroids can hit any planet.

Does mercury have any asteroids orbiting it?


How do you know asteroids have hit the earth?

We know that asteroids have hit the earth because they cause indentations when they hit.

Why has the moon got holes?

The moon has holes because it has been hit by asteroids

What evidence is there that the earths has been hit by asteroids or comets?

the massive ditches is the profe

Has earth been hit by a asteroid?

Over the millions of years the Earth has been hit by many meteorites, some of which may have been asteroids.

Does Mercury have astroids?

No, none of the planets have asteroids.

Which of these hit the earth comets or asteroids?

It is possible for comets and asteroids to hit Earth, but they are extremely rare events.

Is Costa Rica safe from asteroids?

No. Asteroids can hit anywhere on earth.

What are the nearby asteroids that can hit the earth?

Well I guess any asteroid could hit Earth.For a complete list of NEO - see related link .There are several hundred asteroids that could hit Earth, most of them have not been named, or even discovered yet.

Was the earth hit by an asteroid?

Yes, Earth has been hit by many asteroids which were sent or pulled out of the various zones they normally exist within.

Has the eath ever been hit by an asteroid and what effect did it have?

Yes, earth has been hit by asteroids before. The effects have ranged from localized devastation, to worldwide mass extinction events.

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