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Yes. It has been damaged.

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Why did they make Mt-Rushmore?

why did the creater od mount Rushmore make mount Rushmore

How do you say Mount Rushmore in french?

Mont Rushmore translates Mount Rushmore

How does weathering affect Mount Rushmore?

The Park Service has a special team that repairs Mt. Rushmore because cracks develop in the rock and they have to repair it.

What do they call Mount Rushmore now?

mount Rushmore

On what mountain is Mount Rushmore located?

Mount Rushmore is carved into Mount Rushmore. It is in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

What are the names of popular volcanos?

mount Rushmore mount Rushmore

Is Mount Rushmore in Manitoba?

No, Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

What minerals are in mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore has no mineral that i believe

Should Mount Rushmore be capitalized?

Mount Rushmore

Is mt Rushmore the same as Mount Rushmore?

Yes, some people spell it Mt Rushmore and other Mount Rushmore.

How wide is Mount Rushmore?

mount Rushmore is 400 ft. wide

What is the width of Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is 400 feet wide.

What continent is Mount Rushmore on?

Mount Rushmore is on the North American continent.

What is Mount Rushmore made out of?

Mount Rushmore is made up of granite.

Who thought of Mount Rushmore?

Doane Robinson thought about mount Rushmore

Is there snow on Mount Rushmore?

Yes, in the winter there can be snow on Mount Rushmore.

Is Wisconsin home to Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

What is the height of Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is 500 feet tall.

Why is Mount Rushmore a landmark for North Dakota?

Mount Rushmore is not a landmark for North Dakota because Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota.

Who create Mount Rushmore?

Gutzon Borglum carved and created Mount Rushmore.

What was the mount carved into a monument to for great presidents?

rushmore I think its Mount Rushmore

Does the Face Of John Adams Appear On Mount Rushmore?

No,It Does Not Appear On Mount Rushmore.

What does acid rain do to Mount Rushmore?

should we be worried about the deteriation of mount rushmore

Was George Washington on Mount Rushmore?

Yes he was. George Washington is on Mount Rushmore

What country is Mount Rushmore from?

Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota, USA.

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