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Yes,not NASA but the mars association has made suits called bio suits which are very much different from those used in the Apollo travels. Tell u what they are specifically designed for girls. So they only have a chance of going there. And the suit is not for life it is designed for humans who would go there.

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Has NASA sent any space crafts to Mars?

NASA has sent a total of 5 space crafts to mars.

Who built the Mars exploration rover?

NASA built it

Who built the Mars rover?

NASA did

Who built the Mars pathfinder?

nasa built the mrs pathfinder

What was the Mars pathfinder?

it was a space probe made by NASA. it landed on mars to study its geology

Who built the Kepler space telescope?


Who built the last space shuttle?


Who built the mars rover sojourner?

The rover was built by the NASA Telerobotics Program. The mission was controlled by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Has NASA gone to mars?

NASA has sent a number of space craft to Mars, including a surveyor and several rovers. More missions are planned.

European Space Agency say that nasa fond live in mars but nasa have cover up the The fact that a courageous and say the truthstory why?

European Space Agency say that nasa fond live in mars but nasa have cover up the The fact that a courageous and say the truthstory why nasa not saying the truthstory

What are the names of space shuttles being built?

NASA space shuttles

What did NASA got in Mars?

What did nasa got in mars?" What did nasa got in mars?"

Why did NASA built the mars rover?

explore terrain and look for water

Is NASA done with going to space?

Probably not. NASA is going to mars or something in like 20 years.

Where was the hubble telescope built?

Nasa space center.

In what year did NASA first land a space craft on mars?


who sent the missions to mars?

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

In which year did NASA first land a spacecraft on mars?

The first NASA space craft to mars set off on August 2007 and they arrived in may 2008

When was the first telescope built by nasa placed into orbit?

the first telescope built by NASA placed into orbit was the hubble space telescope.

Name of the first space shuttle built for NASA?


On what planet did the NASA space probe Pathfinder land in July 1997?


Is space endless or not?

we do not know forshore as Nasa can not travel further than Mars .

What is the names of the space crafts that landed on mars?

before anything it would be NASA. but there were no people yet to land on Mars.

What did NASA invent?

They built spacships, rockets and sattelites to put into space

What is the name of the first space telescope built by NASA?

Hubble Satellite