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yes everyone gets sick RIGHT!!!!


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Selena Gomez is not sick no more she is fine and fit YAYTHIS IS FROM ONE OF HER CLOSE WORKERS...

The American singer one Selena Gomes is sick. She is suffering from the autoimmune disease called lupus.

no she was sick when she was first born cuz she was two months early

Pics => we can see Selena riding a skateboard

No you r a sick person if you think she is

well she lost her voice cus she has a sick thro

no she is not.....she was just sick for some reason. and jb is not a father

Just like everyone else, she has puked while being sick.

Selena Gomez went to the hospital June 16th because she had to much junk food and she worked to hard that day so she got sick and stayed in the hospital.

NO, THEY HAVEN'T OR EVEN WILL. if you think they did or will you are just wrong and sick!

No, on her Facebook she said she was sick after her concert in Cleveland, Ohio. I should know I was there!

She's really nice and spends time with sick kids in the hospital

Selena did not kiss Miley, You guys are sick Justin bieber is dating Selena even though shes a old woman.Juast kiding shes vey young!

yes everybody gets sick but shes probably taken precautions that might be expensive and thus not available to us or other middle class families even if she does get sick on set or in the recording studio they can postpone it

No she hates to cook...she makes her boyfriend Justin Bieber cook for her. Selena: JUSTIN!!!! WHERE'S MY SALMON WITH CAVIAR? Justin: Coming..... Sweetums? Selena: Oh shut up! I'm getting sick of you! (but yet were still going out!!!!!)

no she didnt i hate Selena Gomez she need to leave miley and demi alone becuz i hate her soo much she stold nick from miley and took Taylor from Taylor swift she sooooo mean i cant believe her all she care about is HERSELF im happy that Selena and demi arent freinds anymore im soo happy and i want Selena and miley to be BFFS not just freaking friends and i mean BFFS demi and miley are BFFS but i don't like Selena or demi being friends Selena i just don't know what her problem is! goodbye i hate you Selena Gomez you make me SICK!

Sick Of You is a song by Selena. The song can be found on Selena's second album, A Year Without Rain.

Actually, the 2009 song Naturally is sung by Selena Gomez. Matt Wertz also released a song called Naturally. Sick Puppies does not sing a 2009 song called naturally.

she got sick like everybody else. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she can't get sick.

of course she has been sick.

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