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Has Warner Bros already cast people for their movie Thundercats?

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It doesn't look like it See the Related Links for "IMDb Thundercats" to the bottom for the answer.

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Is there a movie out called Thundercats?

No, there is not a movie out called Thundercats. Warner Brothers abandoned the idea as quickly as it was hatched.

When was the Thundercats movie released?

The release date for the "Thundercats" movie was supposed to have been 2010, but due to unforeseen circumstances the release of the movie has been put on hold.

Is the thunder cats movie coming out to theatres in 2010?

Unfortunately, since the movie was first reported in 2007 (see, there's been no movement on it. Current rumors suggest WB are no longer developing it ( What that means for the future of the property is unknown, but whatever happens it seems unlikely that anything would hit theaters in 2010.

Is there a thundercats movie being made?

I am pretty sure there is.

When will Thundercats the movie be out and also Goonies 2?

Neither movie has set a release date.

Are they really making a thundercats movie?

Yes- see related link .

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Warner Bros. Movie World was created in 1991.

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Warner Bros. Movie World's motto is 'Hollywood on the Gold Coast'.

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Derek Landy has said that beginning in 2012, he was writing a movie script. Warner Brothers is said to be producing, although it was unclear if the movie rights had already been assigned by Landy.

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Was there ever a Thundercats movie?

Nope. In June 2007 it was said a CGI movie was going to be made & in 2015 rumors resurfaced of a theatrical film, but nothing ever came of the rumors.

Is Happy Feet a Disney movie?

No, Happy Feet is a Warner Bros. Pictures movie.

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Warner has detailed online forms for a variety of situations, at the link below.

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