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Yes. In the late '80s the Porsche 959 competed in the Dakar Rally. The 924 was also rallied (see link).

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Has this car ever been titled VIN WP0AA2A75BL010100?

2011 Porsche Panamera Sedan black with tan interior. If this is the car then yes it has been titled and is used with around 9,000 miles.

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How much do Porsche boxster cars cost?

The last Porsche Boxster I purchased, I paid $85,000. It was a new car although had been used at the dealership and had 1,000. miles on it.

Can a Porsche 997 gt3 rs be used for Porsche cup?


When you buy a used Porsche from a Porsche dealer how do you know if that used Porsche is Porsche approved?

all porsches sold from an official dealer are Porsche approved by the technicians for the sales department. you can ask to see the used car check sheet and the 111 point check sheet before you buy the car.

Are there used Porsche Boxsters available on eBay?

There are lots and lots of things available that you can buy and find at ebay including used Porsche Boxsters, or any other kind of porsche sports cars.

What website has a directory of used Porsche Boxsters?

You can find a directory at:

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Where could one buy a Porsche car from?

A Porsche car could be purchased from a variety of sources. Many cities have Porsche dealerships that sell both new and used models. One could also buy used Porsche from online trading sites such as Kijiji and Autotrader.

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Where can someone buy a used Porsche Boxster?

A used Porsche Boxster can be bought from many different auto dealers. Some websites, such as Auto Trader, help users locate auto dealers with Porsche Boxsters in their area.

Where can one find a used Porsche for sale?

One can find a used Porsche for sale at your local Porsche dealership, Auto Trader, Kijiji, Motor Trend, Car Gurus, and Automobile Mag to name just a few.

Where can a person find a reliable source to buy a used Porsche?

A reliable source to a buy a used Porsche would be Copart, it has the best deals available for all types of cars, especially for Porsche, and from many countries. This is a place were you bid for a porsche that would normally cost about 25,000, and you could get it for about 15,000.

Where can one purchase a Porsche Cayenne?

A place to purchase a Porsche Cayenne is at any Porsche dealership. Another place that would be able to sell a Porsche Cayenne is a car re-sale shop that sells used and refurbished cars.

When buying a used Porsche from a Porsche dealer how to know the Porsche bought is Porsche approved?

the dealer should have a piece of paper showing Porsche cpo and the checklist went through and signed by the technician and sales manager. And you should get the CPO warranty paperwork with the car when you sign out at the finance desk.

Where can one purchase a used Porsche 928?

One can purchase a used Porsche 928 from eBay, Autotrader and gumtree to name a few. One can also check the classifieds section in the local newspaper to check if there is a local Porsche avaliable for sale.

What is the Model of Porsche used in filming of prince of bel air starring mark harmon?

I think it was a 1955 Porsche 356

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Where can you find a used Porsche 914 for 1500?

What are the standard colors that used a used porsche comes in?

The standard colors that porsche come in is red, white, and black. Every other color will cost you extra to have it painted.

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Where can one purchase used Porsche cars?

Porsche cars can be purchased from a local Porsche dealership as well as eBay or autotrader's websites, though if you are looking for a new car you will probably have to go to a dealership.

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