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Once per completed mission, the shuttles have landed on Planet Earth.

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Q: Has a space shuttle landed on any planets?
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Are there any more space shuttles in space?

No, the last space shuttle launched by the U.S., the shuttle Atlantis (STS-135), landed on July 21st, 2011. The only manned vehicles currently launching into space are Russian Soyuz vehicles servicing the ISS (International Space Station).

Was there any damage where the pieces where found from the challenger space shuttle?

All ofChallenger's debris landed into the ocean just off the Kennedy Space Center. No one on the surface was struck.

Have humans landed on any planets why or why not?


Which space ship would you go on to get to space?

Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle Any! but i would seggest a space shuttle

What did neil Armstrong sleep in on the space shuttle?

they did sleep on it with a sleeping bag. the space shuttle landed on the moon that was fasimnating u know. any who a man called robby ray sang a song called still lovin ya. niel armstraong was the first man on the moon.

Did a shuttle ever land in Atlanta?

no. at least not a shuttle by itself. There may have been a stopover of a shuttle on top of the 747 shuttle carrier at some point, but I don't have any way of checking that. Shuttles have landed at Kennedy Space Center, Edwards Air Force Base (California), and White Sands, New Mexico.

Has the space shuttle ever landed in Yuma AZ?

Nope. Yuma doesn't have suitable facilities that could have supported the Space Shuttle, and there was no point to building any when they already had backup sites at Vandenberg to the west in California, and White Sands to the east in New Mexico.

What was the shuttle they used for Apollo 13?

Apollo 13 was not a Space Shuttle in any sence, as it was not a reusable space craft.

What is the schedule for the space shuttle launch?

Unfortunately, the Space Shuttle Program Has Been Retired, and All Remaining Shuttles Converted Into Museum Exhibits. There Are No Longer Any Space Shuttle Launches.

Can gas planets be landed on?

No. The atmosphere just gets thicker and thicker until it crushes any space craft that we might send into it. There is no well defined solid surface like we have on earth and other rocky planets.

How much does the Columbia space shuttle weigh?

The Columbia space shuttle weighed about 90,000 pounds (40,823 kilograms) without any payload during its missions.

Do space shuttle use any other power source?

the space shuttle is propeled by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen oxidiser.