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Indoor Team That Won Super Bowl

The St. Louis Rams won SB XXXIV and the Indianapolis Colts won SB XLI.

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31 to 17 in Super Bowl XLIV.

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Q: Has an indoor football team ever won a Super Bowl?
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Did Alabama ever go to the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is for professional football, the NFL only.

Has the pope ever attended a Super Bowl?

No pope has ever attended a Super Bowl. In fact, it is unlikely that any pope has any interest in American football.

What happens if you win a super bowl when your a kid?

you are the greastest football playe ever

Have the New Orleans Saints ever been to a Super Bowl?

Yes. As of the '09-'10 football season, they have made it to their first Super Bowl.

Was there ever a tied Super Bowl football game?

Several of the Super Bowl games were tied at one point or another...but Never as a FINAL score !!

Did a professional football team ever play in Stanford Stadium?

Yes the Super Bowl

Did a football team ever played at home for the super bowl?

No. No team has ever gotten homefield advantage in the Superbowl.

Who played in the first Super Bowl in the Superdome?

On January 15, 1978, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Denver Broncos, 27-10, in Super Bowl XII at the Louisiana Superdome. It was the first time a Super Bowl had ever been played in an indoor stadium.

Has Iowa ever won the Super Bowl?

No, Iowa has never won the Super Bow. Iowa doesn't even have a football team.

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No, Archie Manning has never won a Super Bowl. He is the father of Eli and Peyton Manning. He was also a professional football player.

What football team did not ever go to the Super Bowl?

The NFL Teams that have never been to a Super Bowl are:Cleveland BrownsDetroit LionsHouston TexansJacksonville Jaguars

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No, the Super Bowl has not ever been held in Foxboro.

MVP player for Super Bowl 2010?

Drew Brees, the best QB to ever play football!

Who has a Super Bowl ring?

anybody who has ever won a super bowl

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


Did the saints ever play dallas in the Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys could never meet in the Super Bowl because they both are in the National Football Conference.

Has a NFL football team ever won the super bowl with a losing record?

No team has qualified for the Playoffs with a losing record, therefore, never getting a chance to qualify of the Super bowl.

Has a rookie quarterback ever gone to the Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever gone to the Super Bowl.

Did a women ever play a game in the Super Bowl?

No women ever played in a Super Bowl game.

Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Have Arizona ever been in Super Bowl?

The Cardinals' first Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

What NFL team has lost the Super Bowl seven times?

No National Football League team has ever lost the Super Bowl seven times. The record for most Super Bowl losses is five, held by the Denver Broncos. They have won twice.

When Were the lions ever in the Super Bowl?

They've never been in a Super Bowl.

Have the Browns ever won a Super Bowl?

They have never won a Super bowl.

Did the Buffalo Bills ever win a Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, the Bills have never won a Super Bowl.