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Q: Has any President of the US ever committed suicide?
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Was Hitler ever married or have any kids?

Hitler never had any children that are known of, but he was married, although he was only married for one day, to Eva Braun, before he committed suicide.

Are there any scholarships for children with parents who committed suicide?

There were no listings for scholarships specifically for children with parents who committed suicide. However, there are a number of scholarships available for children who have lost a parent for any reason, including suicide. US News has listings for such scholarships.

What is the Islamic view on suicide and Suicide Bombings?

It is not acceptable under any conditions what-so-ever.

Did Hitler's son kill Hitler?

No, Hitler committed suicide and he didn't have any children anyway.

Did Hitler invade any countries in 1961?

No, because by that time Hitler had lost the war, and committed suicide.

How can you tell if someone committed suicide or just an overdose?

It is sometimes hard to tell. Was there a note? Were there any witnesses?

What drug did Kurt Cobain die from?

He didn't die from any drug, he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Why did Charles M Manson Jr commit suicide?

Charles Manson's son allegedly committed suicide in 1993, but no data available to the public supplies any details to the incident.

Did Hitler get a funarel?

No. He committed suicide like the coward he was. Russian soldiers burned his body without any funeral.

Did Hitler have any girlfriends?

He had a lover named Eva Braun, whom he married the day before he committed suicide.

How did Goebbels escape trial?

He and his wife committed suicide, after poisoning their six children. They were dead well before any trials were held.

Would the Devil like it if you Committed Suicide from Bullying or Cyber Bullying?

Some will tell you that any suicide delivers the dead directly to Satan. The truth is that no one truly knows.

How many suicides are caused by handguns?

None. No object ever caused a suicide. A persons decision to kill themself is what is required to initiate a suicide. They may do this in any number of ways.

Are any of Andy griffith's children in show business?

Andy's only child (a son) committed suicide in the 90's.

Did Hitler marry and have a family?

Hitler did marry Eva Braun on the day before they both committed suicide, but they did not have any children.

Did Hitler have wife and kids?

He married the day before he and his newly wed wife committed suicide. Neither had any children.

Were any presidents fired for any reason?

No president was ever fired.

Has there ever been a president convicted of a felony?

No US president has ever been convicted or even indicted for any serious crime.

How old must you be to commit suicide?

Suicide can be committed at any age. Do notice that teenagers and seniors are most likely to commit suicide, and below a certain age death is often not considered an option. Suicide is away from any laws or regulations. There is no minimum required age. In spite of this suicide is most common amongst teenagers as they often go through an emotional phase of their lives. Its one law in life.

Did Hitler have any kids or a wife?

Hitler didn't have any children, but he did have a wife, although he was only married to his wife, Eva, for one day before he committed suicide.

Why did Adam Lanza commit suicide after the school shootings in Newtown?

No one can ever know with any degree of certainty.

Which monarch committed suicide by being bitten by an asp?

It is widely believed that Pharaoh Cleopatra, the last Egyptian pharaoh, committed suicide through the bite of an Egyptian asp.If you want to know more, you can look up on any world history book.Hope I helped. :)

How many brothers did Robert schumann have?

Robert Schumann had a sister that committed suicide because she could not stand any longer with her mental instability.

When did Hitler kill his wife and children?

Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, did not have any children. But they both committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

Was Hitler considered a war criminal?

Technically no. He committed suicide before the end of the war and the chance to bring any charges up against him.