Has any President of the US ever committed suicide?

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In any state is it illegal to commit suicide?

Well I don't think you can charge someone for killing themselves. __________________ That's true, but if you attempt suicide and live, as so many maimed unfortunate people do, then you can be charged for a lot of expenses. Suicide also nullifies life insurance policies, so it costs a lot more fo ( Full Answer )

After the war did any Nazis commit suicide?

Several high-ranking Nazis killed themselves as the war was ending, including Hitler and Eva Braun. Also, Goering killed himself while in prison.

How do you commit suicide without feeling any pain?

Actually it's surprisingly hard to do. Over the millions of yearshumans have been evolving, a significant part of that developmenthas been systems that keep you from dying easily. One of thosesystems is pain. And so, most methods HURT. And, for the same reasons, most methods are less than sure. Hum ( Full Answer )

Do any animals other than humans commit suicide?

Animals and Suicide This is a very sensitive and charged topic, and has many perspectives from different philosophies and religions, with disagreement even among professionals in the fields of animal cognition and behaviorology. Suicide involves a sense of awareness and emotion; both of which a ( Full Answer )

Why do teenagers commit suicide because of drug use?

Depression is Suicide Untreated~ Drug use/abuse aren't what causes suicide. If there is depression there is suicide idiation, with major depression every day is consumed by the idea. One will self medicate to escape the suffering, abuse then addiction and possibly overdose. Some who party kno ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide in the us?

No, suicide has not been a crime in any US State in approximately 20 years. Those states where it was a crime then were exceedingly rare (only 2 of 50). Most had de-criminalized Note that an attempted suicide is near conclusive proof that you are a danger to yourself and will likely result in inv ( Full Answer )

Did a Governor of any US State ever become President?

Over 40 Percent of the US Presidents were Governors at one time or another. GW Bush : TX Clinton : AK Reagan : CA Carter: GA FDR : NY Coolidge: MA Wilson : NJ Theo Roosevelt: NY McKinley : OH Cleveland : NY Hayes : OH Andrew Johnson : TN Tyler : VA WH Harrison : LA, IN (T ( Full Answer )

How many people commit suicide per minute in the US?

Sucides happen a lot through out the U.S. that usually it is not on the news unless it is someone famous. I have to say about...........between 25 and....................301.. wow

Has there ever been a US president with any black heritage?

Interesting question. In fact many Presidents MAY have had some black heritage. The first was Thomas Jefferson who claimed a heritage of an Indian mother and a Mulatto Father. The second in line would be Andrew Jackson according to a renowned American historian J. A. Rogers. Jackson's mother m ( Full Answer )

What method did Cleopatra use to commit suicide?

Snake Bite. She used an Egyptian Asp. Don"t get any crazy ideas. Some years ago it hit the Gotham tabloids- Snake-Bite suicide bid. They got the poor jerk anti-venom in time. There are some snakes like the Copperhead for whom no safe or reliable anti-venom is known. Red to Yellow- Kill a Fellow!

Has any woman ever been the president of the US?

No, not as yet, but, there was never a female Prime Minister of Great Britain until Margaret Thatcher, and even she said about 10 years before she got elected "There will never be a female Prime Minister in my lifetime!", so, who knows? It could happen in the near future. A female has never been ele ( Full Answer )

Have any US presidents ever committed homicide?

Not in a strictly legal sense.. Many years prior to his election, Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man in a duel, but that was not considered homicide or murder at that time and place.

Is it illegal to commit suicide in us?

Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. Although a person who has successfully committed suicide might be thought to be beyond the reach of the law (since they are dead), there could still be legal consequences. The associated matters of assisting a sui ( Full Answer )

Which us president committed suicide?

There were rumors that Warren G. Harding may have taken his own life in the wake- or spillage- of the Tea Pot Dome scandal involving at base- an oil refinery. ( some things never change)- The Sinclair company was also implicated, but survived.

How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the US?

Not many children commit suicide because they usually tell their parents or teachers first. But if it gets very bad, about 3% of children might commit suicide because of it. Mostly if it involves threats or murders.

What do people use to commit suicide?

While we cannot give specifics, the common methods use: 1. Medications or drugs 2. Poisons 3. Noxious gases 4. Sharp objects 5. Firearms 6. Explosives 7. Ropes 8. Heights 9. Water 10. Motor vehicles 11. Other people 12. Fire or heat 13. Dangerous reptiles or other animals ( Full Answer )

How many kids commit suicide in the US because they are cyberbullied?

Somehow, we have been led to believe that "cyberbullying" is worse than regular old bullying, where real kids in real schoolyards make real threats to real people. It seems that hanging the prefix "cyber-" onto practically anything makes it something new and ever so dangerous . According to my r ( Full Answer )

Has Amy lee of evanescene ever tried to commit suicide?

yes, Amy Lee has tried to commit suicide, immediately after the big show in Washington in early january 2005. she took a large dose of sleeping pills, but fortunately, she was quickly rescued. Amy still has no commented at it.

Has a pope ever committed suicide?

It would be double-devil bad business if the Head of the Church sinned against the Holy Spirit in such as gross fashion. Popes ( owing in part to the age factor) have died fairly young in their tenure- but suicide- it is out of the question.

Was any US President ever impeached?

Yes. Two US Presidents were impeached , and another probably would have been, but resigned before the House of Representatives could take action. President Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act in 1868; President Bill Clinton was impeached for Obstruction of Justice ( Full Answer )

Did soldiers in the American Civil War ever commit suicide?

A few did, but not too many. It was considered a shameful thing when one did, and men were reluctant to speak or write candidly about it, not wishing to disparage the dead. Men were much, much more religious then than is common today, and tended to put it all in God's hands. Religious teaching was a ( Full Answer )

How many teens in US committed suicide in 2009?

Latest final statistics from American Association of Suicidology are for the year 2006. They show that in the US that year, a total of 4,189 young people aged 15-24 years died by suicide. This works out at just under 12 young persons every day. Overall about 12% of all deaths of young people are b ( Full Answer )

Did President Lincoln try to commit suicide three times?

yes!, president linocoln had problems with depression it got so bad they(friend) had to lock him up in a room & tAkee turns to look after him & also take away anything that he would want to hurt himself with

What is the name of the country in which no one ever had committed suicide?

There are approximately 4 countries with no records of suicide reported: -Honduras (since 1978) -Haiti (since 2003) -Antigua and Barbuda (since 1995) -Saint Kitts and Nevis (since 1995) Now, the year that I left at the end of the country was the last year that a suicide was reported to the auth ( Full Answer )

How many people commit suicide using guns?

In America, the foremost means of committing suicide (arguably) is with guns -- mostly handguns. Men choose this method quite frequently; women somewhat less so, preferring poisons. Exact numbers are hard to obtain, for quite a few reasons. For example, it's often easier on the survivors if the ev ( Full Answer )

Are there any scholarships for children with parents who committed suicide?

There were no listings for scholarships specifically for children with parents who committed suicide. However, there are a number of scholarships available for children who have lost a parent for any reason, including suicide. US News has listings for such scholarships.

Are there any books on why Socrates committed suicide?

The most important source of our understanding of the trial and death of Socrates are the relevant dialogues of Plato, particularly APOLOGY, CRITO, and PHAEDO. Socrates did not actually commit suicide in the usual sense. He was sentenced to death after a trial and, instead of escaping from prison ( Full Answer )

Has any congressman ever committed suicide?

The following US Representatives and Senators committed suicidewhile in office: SC Rep. James Blair (1834), PA Rep. William S.Ramsey (1840), AL Rep. Felix Grundy McConnell (1846), KS SenatorJames H. Lane (1866), CT Senator Frank Brandegee (1924), IL SenatorJoseph McCormick (1925), PA Rep. Samuel Ken ( Full Answer )

Did any US President commit suicide?

No........... One of the rumors floating around after Warren Harding's death was that he committed suicide to avoid impeachment and disgrace. However, it is more likely that he had coronary artery disease due to his unhealthy lifestyle, and medical negligence contributed to his death. There was a s ( Full Answer )

What methods do teens use to commit suicide?

They use mostly the usual stuff - pills, sharp objects, hanging, jumping, and firearms. Overdose of mediation, hanging with noose, cutting, jumping off of a high platform, drinking a toxic liquid, etc…

What happen to the member if the president of the insurance company is committed suicide?

There is no question for the member to fall in deep water if the president of the insurance company committed suicide, because apart from the President, there is Board of Directors,associated with the day-to-day affairs of the Co. However, if the Insurance Co. is a private one, there may be temporar ( Full Answer )

Did any us president ever kill anyone?

At least 16 U. S. presidents were in the armed forces. Although not all of them were at war, several of them were, and several of them were elected because they were war heroes. Also, millions of lives have been lost due to legislation that was signed by a U. S. President, including sending peopl ( Full Answer )