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"Has any" is correct. Any is singular, deriving from the word an, meaning one, and so it takes a singular verb.

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has any one thought of using TB MEDICATION ON COVID19

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Q: Has any of you or Have any of you - which is more grammatically correct?
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If any of you is or If any of you are- which is more grammatically correct?

If any of you are because its plural.

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Does any of you is more grammar sound because do any of you is asking if they can do something

Is it grammatically correct to say Sometimes things can't get any more fresh?

It is grammatically correct, but still not right. For one thing, "more fresh" is stilted, clumsy. Try:Sometimes things can't get any fresher.

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The grammatically correct version is Do you feel any aches in any places in your body?

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I believe it is Any Questions? Any more Questions email me at

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"Whom are you waiting for?" is grammatically correct in formal English. "Who are you waiting for?" is perfectly understandable and used more often, even if it is more colloquial.

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'She does not have her book' is grammatically correct.

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He, you and I is not grammatically correct. The proper way to say this is you, him and I.

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The second one is more correct.

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Yes, soonest is correct grammatically.

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"Not like that" can be grammatically correct, depending on the context.

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Yes! That is grammatically correct!

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Yes, 'for free', is grammatically correct.

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Yes it is a grammatically correct

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Currently we have is grammatically correct.

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This is not grammatically correct. The correct form is 'you do not know', or the abbreviated 'you don't know'.

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Yes, it is grammatically correct.

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'Rhoda's crazy' is grammatically correct.

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"That was wrong" is a grammatically correct sentence.

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'What a drunkard you are' is a grammatically correct English sentence.