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I just looked up your question and according to sites, no, it isn't possible and it's never been done... hope this helps

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What is ment by early pregnancy?

Not carried to full term I.e. 9 months

What is an unviable pregnancy?

An unviable pregnancy is one that cannot be carried to full term. This is usually due to genetic defects.

Has anyone carried a baby to full term with an IUD?

Yes, some women have carried a baby to full term with an IUD. The risk of complications is great, however, and so removal of the IUD is the normal course of affairs. If removal is not possible, the woman must be followed closely during her pregnancy.

What is pregancy?

Pregnancy is the gestation of a human foetus inside a female human, and is normally carried to full term of 9 months.

How long is a term pregnancy?

Full term pregnancy is nine months

I just found out I was pregnant I have had one eptopic pregnancythen a normal pregnancy that went full term and now another eptopic pregnancy Can I still have a normal full term pregnancy?

Yes-you can still have a normal full term pregnancy.

Can you have a full term pregnancy getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

What is the definition of full term in pregnancy women?

AnswerSimply put, it means the mother carried the baby for the normal amount of time (usually 40 weeks).

How weeks is complete pregnancy?

a full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks

How many weeks are in pregnancy?

A full term pregnancy is between 37 and 41 weeks

What is the most kids carried full term?

there is nothing////////////////////////////////////////////////juihuho

What is the medical term meaning 40-week pregnancy in human beings?

A pregnancy of 40 weeks is called full-term.

Full term pregnancy for cow?

A cow will carry a calf to full term which is 285 days or around 9 months.

Not having contration at 37 weeks of your pregnancy is normal?

Yes, its normal not to have contractions yet. 37 weeks is considered "full term" but a full term pregnancy is 37-42 weeks.

Where is the baby carried in full term?

In they animals belly peace BY NATALIA

Can a woman carry pregnancy to full term with one kidney?

A person can live a completely normal life with only one kidney, and I assume that would mean a full-term pregnancy, too.

How many weeks is full term pregnancy?

38-42 weeks.

How much is normal amniotic fluid at full term pregnancy?


What is the usual length of a full term pregnancy?

For humans, nine months.

What is 41- 43 inches in ages?

Full term pregnancy

What kind of effect can become of a full-term pregnancy with an IUD in place?

If you go to full term the IUD will probably come out when the baby is delivered.

How long does it take for a elephant to reach full term of a pregnancy?

24 months

How long does a full term pregnancy last?

It would depend on which animal you are referring to.

Do you leak milk after a pregnancy?

In many cases, yes. It will be different in different circumstances, for example, whether or not it was a full term pregnancy.

How many weeks are in a pregnancy for second pregnancy?

All healthy, full-term pregnancies will last an average of 40 weeks.