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No. There have been 20 perfect games thrown by 20 different pitchers.

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The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

He only pitched one perfect game, It was the 20th perfect game ever pitched in MLB history.

Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League was created in 2010.

Her Brandon Farms team jersey which she used when she pitched her two perfect games in little league.

Bumpus Jones of the Cincinnati Reds threw a no hitter on October 15, 1892 in his first major league game.

There have been 20 perfect games in the MLB, including Dallas Braden's (OAK) and Roy Halladay's (PHI) perfect games in May 2010. This was the first time in major league baseball that two perfect games were pitched in a single season.There have been 266 no-hitters since 1875. There have also been 9 combined no hitters, where multiple pitchers keep a no-hitter. Nolan Ryan holds the record for most career no-hitters at 7.

1957 was the first year in which the LLWS championship had a team from outside the U.S. The pitcher for Monterrey, Mexico pitched a perfect game, and his team won 4-0.

Lee Richmond, the first person to have a pitched a perfect game in major league baseball, died in 1929. Despite throwing a few no-hitters, Richmond's career was fairly mediocre.

it depends on how much he pitched i used to pitch in my baseball league all the way through college any ways my coach but me in and out all the time pitching and bc i never pitched over my limit i went back in and pitched

In the history of Baseball, as of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, 21 perfect games ("27 up, 27 down") have been thrown - 19 of which have been thrown in the Modern Era. Of these 21 perfect games thrown, none has been pitched with only 27 pitches being thrown. On record, the fewest pitches thrown in a perfect game was 74 pitches thrown by Addie Joss of the Cleveland Naps against the Chicago White Sox on October 2, 1908.

The value of the baseball will rely on your ability to prove that the baseball was used in the World Series perfect game that Don Larsen pitched. Otherwise it is just a used baseball with a story.The baseball would have to be accompanied by strong provenance proving that the baseball was used in the 1956 World Series perfect game pitched by Don Larsen. The stronger the provenance the more valuable the baseball. The provenance would have to be from a League or team official, player or family member. A letter of provenance from a fan at the game is not sufficient. Word of mouth would bring a low value.Provenance is the history of ownership of a particular item. It allows the buyer to secure additional insight as to the origin or chain of custody of the item.

They were a Negro League Baseball team. Satchel Paige pitched for 'em.

Jason Marquis pitched for the South Shore American Little League in the 1991 Little League World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 MLB World Series.

Going back to 1871, out of 17172 baseball players, 8240 have pitched in at least one game, 48%

There have been two no hitters pitched in the MLB playoffs: Don Larsen's perfect game in game 5 of the 1956 World Series; And Roy Halladay's No Hitter (28 batters) on October, 6th 2010 in game one of the NLDS.

its the giants no matter what anyone says

No. Johnny Bench never pitched in a Major League Baseball game.

Frank Lary of the Detroit Tigers with 21 wins and 294 innings pitched.

It was patterned after Harmon Killebrew but not copied from him.

Prior to his retirement, Kenny Rogers pitched for the Major League Baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. It's still unclear whether Kenny Rogers formally retired from Major League Baseball.

There have been no pitchers named Don Smith in MLB but several in the minor leagues. One pitched in the Dodgers minor league system between 1982-1985, another pitched in the Cubs minor league system between 1964-1967, a third pitched in the Dodgers minor league system in 1951 and 1952 and, in 2010, a Don Smith pitched in the independent Northern League.