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Yes!!! I am going through this RIGHT now... I took two tests both negative... but I am experiencing all kinds of symptoms including missing my period for about 2 or 3 weeks. I am naturally irregular... VERY irregular.. but I had actaully HAD my period 3 months in a row perfectly and my husband and I are trying to conceive a second child... so while the periods were coming regularly we figured this was the time... we tried around my last fertile days (which should have around Oct 31st, Nov 1st, and Nov 2nd) and I took a test yesterday and this morning and, well, NOTHING... I have been nauseated, but not vomiting, tender in my lower abdomen and I think it may be getting a tad bloated as well... also, I have had slightly sore breasts and have been peeing a lot and generally much more hungry than usual. Also, I have had some thick, white vaginal discharge which is of a normal kind but not a normal thing for me to experience personally. Not to mention the last time I was pregnant my urine smelled.. I don't know...kind of funky... and now it is smelling that way again.. almost like I had been taking antibiotics or something kind of smell... I don't know what to do but wait and test yet again... but I swear I think another negative test will drive me to depression... I just try to take heart in the child that I have.. and feel lucky to have been able to conceive and deliver one healthy child... We have been TTC sine our daughter was about 6 months old... but with my periods only coming like once every 3 months... it was difficult and is beginning to seem IMPOSSIBLE.. but we won't give up hope... the only explaination I can offer is that maybe you are under stress and it is keeping your period away... or perhaps maybe you are pregnant and you just don't have high enough level og HcG to be read by a home test... I woudl wait a week or 2 maybe and try again... maybe even take one every week until you get your period... it is so depressing to get a negative test though especially a lot of them... with not getting my period regularly the only way I woudl know if I was preg. or not was to take a test.. so I was taking them ether ever 2 weeks or at least monthly... but again... I had a few negative tests with my daughter at first... so good luck in whatever "answer" you wish for... Greenidparalegal

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Q: Has anyone experienced multiple pregnancy symptoms like enlarged sore breasts with prominent white bumps and veins and nausea but still tested negative two weeks after a missed period?
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