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Thermagasket: The information on this product website deals with sealing the cooling system leaks in the head gasket. The head gasket may leak in a variety of ways as explained below. As stated on their website, the product does not work in all cases, but they do claim 93% success rate(of coolant/oil leaks gasket type failures? not specified on the website). That's pretty good. Check with the manufacturer at to see whether their product is likely to fix any other type of head gasket failure...not likely.
The head gasket seals oil ports, cooling ports and the cylinder compression chambers where the head is mounted onto the engine block. Problems with blown head gasket include oil loss, coolant loss and engine power loss due to lost cylinder compression. This can result in a variety of problems: 1) COOLANT IN THE OIL evidenced by a "milkshake" white frothy looking goo under the head gasket (look under the oil fill cap (and under the valve cover through the oil fill port with a flashlight). sometimes you'll see water or coolant on the dipstick. 2) OIL IN THE COOLANT evidenced by the coolant turning brown with a slight oil slick look on the water surface (if there's any left) 3) Leaky radiator or other part of the cooling system; if one or both of the first two indications are present, then it is likely that the cylinder pressure is bleeding into the cooling loop. if this happens then the pressure buildup will cause the weakest point to rupture. 4) CRACKED or WARPED HEADS. The problem that caused the head gasket to fail may have caused the heads to either warp or crack. In this case, there will be more expense than just replacing the head gasket(s). 5) BLOWN GASKET BETWEEN CYLINDERS OR TO ATMOSPHERE. Here, the head gasket is blown and the only evidence of failure is loss of power. ANSWERHi all,
I owe a Chrysteler Leberon 1992, the car had some issues regarding the heating of the engine from past 4-5 months, I replaced the thermostat then I also checked the cooling pump. My mechanic had actually removed the thermostat from its system since it was still overheating. The car worked good for about 2-3 months but then all of sudden it was again overheating. Mechanic told me that there is some problem with the radiator of the car, so I replaced the radiator, along with flushing the cooling system. which costs me around $350 in all. And now the thing started from here on, after flushing, they found that the car's head gasket is gone, there is coolant in the engine oil, which turned it milky in color and there are smoke clouds coming out from the tail pipe. The mechanic told me that its better for me to sell it now. But selling a 1992 leberon in this condition would me not more than $100-200 only!! which I bought for $1500 a year ago. I of course have no money to spend on it, because repairing the head gasket could be of at least $600 or more. So, I had decided to try the thermagasket on my car. I got to know that they have that money back guarantee also. So I ordered it for my car.
After getting it, I got to know that the money back guarantee which they offer is only in case that the car is either scrapped or donated to someone or the work order is placed for the car in an authorized service station of repair of the head gaskets which will atleast be of $1200 or more, so i was really worried about it.
Anyways then, I had started following all the instructions given in the paper which came along with the Thermagasket because that was the only way for me now. I was running the car at 2000 to 3000 rpm on the final stage of the repair and all of a sudden the smoke which was coming out from my tail pipe started beginning to reduce a bit, then after 5-8 min the car noise also changed to normal and finally the smoke is all gone!! I was really surprised to see something like that. My car was working normally, I am still following the aftercare given in the instructions and the car is working normally till now, It's almost 2 weeks now, I really dont know that how long it is going to last, but at present it is working for me. I am pretty much satisfied with the product, for which I was really not sure in the start. What I think is, if you are in a position to scrap your car, or if you are really not in a situation to spend $600-1000 Thermagasket is worth a try, but still dont trust on the mony back guarantee, take it like you are taking a risk of $150 or so. :rolleyes:
RxAuto Says: The warranty states that if there are any problems with the use of Thermagasket you must contact technical support and give us the opportunity to help you repair your vehicle, if we cannot then we will issue a refund.
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Q: Has anyone heard of thermagasket for headgasket repair?
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