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Has anyone seen real aliens?

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Many people have claimed to but they could be just seeing things or having a dream. But some could be true but there is no proof if it is.

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Has anyone seen real footage of aliens?


Has anyone seen aliens?

People claim to have seen aliens but, no one knows for sure.

Have aliens ever been seen?

Not that anyone knows and has proven.

Have anyone seen a alien before?

No, no one has seen any aliens before. The "saucers" that people have seen are either figments of their imaginations or publicity stunts. There is no such thing as aliens.

Why do aliens hide form us?

There are no such things as aliens, come on have you honestly seen one in real life ?

What do real aliens look like?

We do not know as nobody has ever seen a real alien.

Are aliens imaginary?

no aliens are not imaginary, milions of people have seen aliens and have been abducted by them, and there have been loads of alien UFO sightings, so aliens are real.

Has anyone in the world seen a real mermaid?

No. They are not real so there is no one who has seen one.

What do aliens look like in real life?

Nobody has actually seen what a real alien looks like.

Has the world seen aliens?

Not that anyone has been able to prove, but it is fun to pretend, isn't it? yes ascropshave been seen

Is the aliens real?

yes because i follow in and i have seen a ufo before

How do you kill aliens?

Aliens, as in extraterrestrials we don't know as we have never seen or met any. Aliens, as in people from other countries, the same way you would kill anyone else.

Have anyone have a picture of a alien?

No one has any pictures of aliens because they are not real

Can aliens perform surgery in space as seen in the related link?

Aliens aren't real besides Katy Perry and her "E.T."so, no.

Did anyone saw flying soucers?

Some people believe a myth that there are aliens. It is not real. If there was life in outerspace there will still be no aliens .So no aliens means no flying soucers.

Has anyone ever seen a real vampire before?

No. They are not real so they do not exist. Therefore no one has seen them.

Has anyone on earth ever had a real encounter with aliens?

There have been many reports of encounters with aliens, which have not been verified or admitted publicly by the government.

Are there aliens in the US?

If you mean aliens from another country, yes. If you mean aliens from space... not that anyone knows and has been able to prove. No proof aliens even exist, in real life. Just tall tales.

Has anyone really ever seen a vampire?

No. They are not real.

Are xenomorphs in the movie aliens real?

Xenomorphs are aliens. And yes--if you believe in aliens.

Has anyone seen an alien?

yes i am an alien.Many people claim to have seen aliens, but there are no well-documented examples of actual encounters with alien beings.

Which is real unicorns or aliens?

Neither, they have seen life on mars but not real life like plants and syuff so neither Unicorns.

Have people seen aliens or their spaceships?

No aliens. No spaceships.

Has anyone seen a real ghost?

No. They would have to exist, for that to happen.

Have people seen aliens?

A number of people CLAIM to have seen aliens, or THOUGHT they had seen aliens. So far, though, there has been no proof one way or the other.