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Q: Has dove Cameron ever read the book of Mormon?
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How long would it take to read the book of Mormon'?

It all depends on your reading ability and what kind of attention you are giving to the book. The English language edition of the Book of Mormon is just over 500 pages. Although the text is quite small, it also includes many footnotes and cross references. I have heard of people reading through the Book of Mormon in a single day, although most people who are reading the Book of Mormon and carefully and prayerfully studying it as a work of scripture and the sacred word of God usually take a month to a year to complete it cover to cover. Many reading plans for the Book of Mormon are 100-day plans, with you reading about 5 pages a day. The fastest I have ever completed the Book of Mormon was two months, but I was also recording my thoughts and feelings in the margins as a read.

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Yes, in the Bible there are records of the complete annihilation of many groups of people.

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i'm not sure but i would be willing to find out. Another answer: There are some similarities between the words of Ellen G. White and Joseph Smith. The similarities are not significant enough, in my opinion, to prove that she plagarized or was influenced by Joseph Smith's teachings. She had a similar upbringing to Joseph Smith and that could be why she used some of the same terms and had similar ideas. There is no evidence that she ever quoted the Book of Mormon directly, but she did use some of the same terms that the Book of Mormon uses (terms such as "carnal security", "bar of God", "plan of Redemption", and the idea that mortality is a time of "probation"). The strongest evidence of copying the Book of Mormon is that one of her visions somehwat resembles a vision recorded by the ancient prophet Lehi in the Book of Mormon.

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