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Has the US gone too far in invading peoples privacy by giving them terrorist scores by using their personal information such as addresses criminal record form of payment location of seat on a plane?



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I don't know about you, but when I get on an airplane I want to be able to walk off when we get to the destination. I'd rather they do a little MORE profiling. After all, my gray haired mother is extremely unlikley to cause damage to an airplane. Terrorists tend to be well defined by a narrow set of characteristics. Old ladies have not brought down a single airplane. If you attend a "death to america" march, perhaps it would be good for the U.S. government to keep an eye on you when you get on airplanes. You may think this is the first time your personal information has been given out, but guess again! It happens a lot. Banks and Credit Card Companies, Credit Checks, etc. The government could know that you have a mole on your butt if you have have committed a crime, or been in any sort of trouble. If you have been in any parades or rallies against the government they have you marked! Even if the President names "Bush" comes up on the computer or the word "Assassination" etc., it is picked up. Don't think so, then check it out on the web. I believe it's fine to be extra careful regarding who gets on the plane and you should be thankful for it instead of complaining about it. The wait is long, tempers flare, but in the long run as the other poster said, "I want to be able to walk off when we get to the destination." Marcy