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I don't know about you, but when I get on an airplane I want to be able to walk off when we get to the destination. I'd rather they do a little MORE profiling. After all, my gray haired mother is extremely unlikley to cause damage to an airplane. Terrorists tend to be well defined by a narrow set of characteristics. Old ladies have not brought down a single airplane. If you attend a "death to america" march, perhaps it would be good for the U.S. government to keep an eye on you when you get on airplanes. You may think this is the first time your personal information has been given out, but guess again! It happens a lot. Banks and Credit Card Companies, Credit Checks, etc. The government could know that you have a mole on your butt if you have have committed a crime, or been in any sort of trouble. If you have been in any parades or rallies against the government they have you marked! Even if the President names "Bush" comes up on the computer or the word "Assassination" etc., it is picked up. Don't think so, then check it out on the web. I believe it's fine to be extra careful regarding who gets on the plane and you should be thankful for it instead of complaining about it. The wait is long, tempers flare, but in the long run as the other poster said, "I want to be able to walk off when we get to the destination." Marcy

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Why are there so many terrorist?

Because the blacks are invading

How is a guerrilla different than a terrorist?

Semantics. - In many modern conflicts a guerrilla fighter fights the invading army in secrecy and subterfuge. The enemy will always call him a terrorist - though technically a 'terrorist' is one who attacks and kills civilians to cause civil terror.Semantics. - His side calls him a guerrillla fighter, the enemy side will always call him a terrorist. No matter what conflict.

Why is the Homeland Security Department so important for the United States?

Homeland Security is so important for the United States because they protect America. They stop international and domestic terrorists from invading and threatening the country. This involves monitoring the Internet for any unusual activity on known terrorist websites. It also involves cooperating with other US agencies such as the FBI and cooperating with other nations and sharing important terrorist information.

Why are people invading Israel?

The countries and paramilitary and terrorist organizations that invade Israel do so because they fail to see how Israel is a legitimate country like every other country.

Why are we in the war on terror?

America is at war because of the attack on the two towers. The government said that they would find who was responsible and bring them to Justice since then they have tryed to uproot different so called terrorist groups though these terrorist groups pose a threat for now the do not attack America but the troops invading their country and destroying there homes. When a terrorist group attacks a convoy they are making a statement that they want you out of there country

My girlfriend's dad is recording our conversations with out us knowing is this illegal?

Yes, this is definitely illegal.As her father is invading your privacy and to invade privacy is a criminal offence.

What was the reason for invading Afghanistan?

Because We Afghans were and are week and will remain week.ANS 2 - There was no 'invasion' . The Allied troops are there at the request of the Afghan government to try to hit terrorist groups and training centres.

What of the following best describes the US goal for invading both Afghanistan and Iraq in the 21st century?

To force terrorist groups to stop attacking Western targets usingmassive military force.

What best describes the US' goal for invading both Afghanistan and Iraq in the 21st century?

Answer this question… To force terrorist groups to stop attacking Western targets using massive military force.

Is Google invading your privacy?

Admittedly, their browser collects more information on you than the CIA, but I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

What is invading in tagalog?

In my own comprehension, "invading" is "sumasalakay"

Why is Israel invading Palestine?

There is no 'why', as Israel is not invading Palestine.

What information do you have about The Battle of Krbava?

The Battle of Krbava was fought between Croatia and the invading Ottoman Empire 1493 CE. The Croatian army was defeated.

When hannibal was invading italy what features would make it difficult reach quick decisions?

When Hannibal was invading Italy, the distance would have made it difficult to come to quick decisions. Another mitigating factor would have been the difficulty with getting reliable information through the lines.

What does invading mean?

The word invading basically means that you enter or force your way into something. An example is when someone you do not know is standing too close to you; you would say they are invading your space.

How did Korea influence Japan?

they invaded Korea by invading Korea??----> No. It was wrong informationKorean government accepted the annexation betweenKorea and Japan, not by invading or occupying by Japan.Those of facts such as Invading or Occupying are decidedby War. There were national wars between Korea and Japanat 16 century for 23 times. The result was Japanese military'sfail for 23 times by Lee Soon Shin who was a Korean naval general.

What is invading privacy mean?

Invading privacy is when you intentionally try to spy on some one. Private matters are not allowed to be investigated only an individual has the right to reveal his private life. Also, it is illegal to tell a third party personal information about another person If it would cause embarrassment or emotional distress. For more specific information check out the privacy laws link in the related links below.

What are the abuses of technology?

* invading bank accounts * invading privacy * creating sophisticated and powerful weapons/bombs

Is a western garder snake an invading spieces?

No ! The human race is the invading species - into the snakes natural habitat !

How does your body fights with invading germs?

your white blood cells help fight bad invading germs

What country is invading Scotland in Macbeth play?

At the beginning of the play, the Norwegians are invading. At the end of the play, it is the English.

Who was invading?

arely from hedges

What rhymes with persuading?


How do white blood cells attack invading microbes?

The White blood cells swallows and digests the invading microbes.

Is invading a country a conservative action?

Invading another country doesn't fit into categories of the kind implied by the question.