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no the under taker will come back at surviver series as his old character

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โˆ™ 2005-11-18 16:20:14
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Q: Has the Undertaker retired since appearing in No Mercy 2005?
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Is Michelle McCool Dating the Undertaker?

Yes, they are dating ever since Undertaker had a divorce.

Are undertaker and Michelle mcool dating?

yes Michelle mccool has been dating undertaker ever since undertaker got divorced with his wife

When did hbk start his career?

Shawn Michaels started his professional wrestling career in the year 1984. He joined the WWE in 1988 and has been with them ever since. He retired recently in the Wrestlemania event after a loss to the Undertaker.

Is yogi berra retired?

Yes he has been retired since 1992

How long has the undertaker been in WWE?

Since the 1990 survivor series .. He made his debut as Kane the undertaker

When did the SR-71 Blackbird retired?

The SR-71 Blackbird have retired since 1990.

Are you punctual and reliable?

Not since I retired.

Did Michelle mccool do it with the undertaker?

I am sure she has since she is married to him.

Is billy Graham still preaching?

been retired since 2006 retired at the age of 86

When will the undertaker comeback?

Undertaker is supposeddly dead but since paul bearer is also supposedlly dead i think that at paul's funeral the undertaker will be in the coffin and chokeslam Kane and take back the title.

Why was WWE superstar Kane was so mad ever since undertaker got hurt?

The Undertaker and Kane were really close friends.

Which of these wins as the blandest appearing planet as revealed visually by space probes?

The blandest appearing planet was originally Pluto. Since Pluto is no longer a planet, Mars is thought of as the blandest appearing planet.

The original undertaker?

Since 1984 Mark Calaway has played the Undertaker for WWE. There was no one else who played this character. So he is the "original" and "only"...

How many hurricane names have been retired?

74 possibly 75 names have been retired since 1953, because the name "Gracie" was UNOFFICIALLY retired.

How long was undertaker been in the WWE?

Since show one on Raw.

Will anyone beat undertaker?

The Undertaker is a wrestler for the WWE organization. He has won an impressive thirty wrestling matches and is currently undefeated. Since he is undefeated after many years of wrestling, it may be awhile before anyone can beat The Undertaker.

Is Shawn michals retired?

no,he hasn't came to raw since wrestlemania 25.But he is not retired or he would tell mr macmahon

Did Troy Aikman jeresy retired?

No as the Cowboys do not retire Jerseys, but no one has worn no.8 ever since Troy retired.

Are The Undertaker and Kane brothers in real life?

They are half brothers. Kane was adopted into Mark Callaway's (The Undertaker) family when they were babies since Kane's father died.

Is the Undertaker in relationship with Michelle McCool?

No, he is not. He is married and has been married since July of 2000. No, the Undertaker is divorced. He is indeed in a relationship with Michelle McCool.

Which actor has been appearing in Phantom of the Opera since it opened?

Sarah Brightman

Who is the diva kelly kelly with?

The Undertaker May 2010 Kelly Kelly is not dating the Undertaker that would be Michelle McCool she has been with the Undertaker since his divorce. Kelly Kelly's boyfriend works for New Japan Wrestling.

How many hell in a cell matches has undertaker participated in?

Hell in a Cell is a WWE specialty match that made its debut on October 1997. Since this time there has been sixteen of these matches. The Undertaker has been in nine of these matches in which he has won five and lost at four. The last time he was in a "Hell in the Cell" match was the last time they had one which was in August 2008. * Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker at "Bad Blood" on October 5, 1997. * The Undertaker and Steve Austin vs. Mankind and Kane ended as a no contest at "Raw is War" on June 15, 1998. * The Undertaker defeated Mankind at "King of the Ring" on June 28, 1998. * The Undertaker defeated The Big Boss Man at "Wrestlemania XV" on March 28, 1999. * Kurt Angle defeated The Undertaker, Triple H, Steve Austin, Rikishi, and The Rock at "Armageddon" on December 10, 2000. * Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at "No Mercy" on October 20, 2002. * The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton at "Armageddon" on December 18, 2005. * Batista defeated The Undertaker at "Survivor Series" on Novemer 18, 2007. * The Undertaker defeated Edge at "Summerslam" on August 17, 2008

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Yes it is except for Mariano Rivera since he had the number before it was retired from MLB.

What does undertaker really mean?

undertaker is the one who over sees the coffin being buried . since you are buried under ground he is the one who takes you "under"