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Q: Has there any modification done in the water treatment plant that is in nimeta?
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When was the nimeta water treatment plant built?

Nimeta was built in 1953

iron removal plant?

treatment plant of water

How is water filtered at a water treatment plant?

With a filter system.

What is sent to a treatment plant?

Runoff water and human waste make up the majority of treatment plant material.

What is the process used to clean polluted water?

A water treatment plant

Where is the water cleaned before it goes to your home?

In a water treatment plant.

Where is the Reno water treatment plant?

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

What is the place called where waste water is cleaned?

water treatment plant

Where does the water molecules go from the sewer?

To the water treatment plant to be processed

How much does it cost to make a water treatment plant?

how much does it cost to build a big water plant?

What is a city object of a vacuole?

Water Treatment Plant

Where is the world's largest water treatment plant?

In india