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You may have some MAJOR electrical problems. If left un-checked electrical shorts can cause fires whether you are in the car or not. HAVE IT CHECKED IMMEDIATELY!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-06-21 03:15:10
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Q: Have 1989 cadillac deville changed thermo still no heat Heater clunks if left on when car is shut off also ticking noise under glove compartment in fuse box when car is shut off Help?
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How do you know when you need to replace the computer on a 1995 Cadillac DeVille?

1995 concorse is making a ticking noise under the glove compartment

Why is your 2000 Chrysler minivan engine still ticking after the timing belt was changed?

ticking sound in engine is usually not caused by a timing belt ticking is usually caused by worn cam shaft or clifters most cars now have hydraulic lifters. if oil is low it will cause ticking. if a lifter is worn it will cause ticking these should have been ckecked for wear when replacing timing belt

Why does a 1997 cadillac deville north star car make ticking noise when turn the wheel to the right you can here it on the front right side and the cv joint has been replaced?

the gear on the starter is sliding into the flywheel causing the sound. Just replaced the starter on my 97 Deville. The gear on the old starter would slide back and forth due to a broken spring. The new gear on the new starter if fixed in place. Sounds crazy, but oh so true.

95 ford escort missing and ticking you changed wires and fuel filter but it still misses and has ticking on top end of motor?

Take it to a professional and have the valve lash adjusted. Also replace the spark plugs.

Is ticking an adverb?

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What is that annoying ticking noise mustangs make when you change the oil?

The ticking sound is coming from the valve lifters. When the oil filter is changed, air is introduced into the system, which causes air bubbles to form in the oil. This causes the valve lifters to "leak down", which is what causes the ticking sound. It can take several days for the bubbles to dissipate. It's annoying, but harmless.

Why does your 2000 Chevy cavalier z24 have a ticking sound?

If the ticking sounds like a "normal" ticking, it is probably the fuel injectors.

What is that ticking sound under your dash board?

the ticking is the blinkers

When was Time Is Ticking Out created?

Time Is Ticking Out was created in 2001.

1992 legend 6 cyl The engine surges from approx 800 to 1500 rpm Just had the engine coolant flushed and upper and lower radiator hoses replaced maybe a wire loose also hear ticking near fuel filter?

I too am having the surging RPM issue but have not recently changed coolent and additionally hear a relay ticking/switching noise near the fuel filter corner of the engine compartment --have you determined the root cause & fix???

What would cause a ticking noise coming from the area of the alternator on a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 l?

the wheel has to get changed you ediot

When was Ticking Clock created?

Ticking Clock was created on 2011-01-04.

Why is the engine still ticking if I recently changed the oil?

Sounds like a loose tappet in the header, though I'm just a back yard mechanic.

1998 Saturn SC2 and it's making a ticking sound when driving the ticking gets faster and louder the more I accelerate What could this be?

Get your oil changed! ASAP! Sounds like you may be getting low on oil; with a slight oil leak... and with a 98 Saturn, that wouldn't be surprising.

Ticking sound in motor?

The most likely cause of a ticking sound in a motor is a bad timing belt. A valve out of time can also cause a ticking sound.

1995 dodge ram has ticking noise what could it be?

If you hear it only at idle and sounds faint, it is your rocker shaft. They wear on the end and makes a slight ticking noise. Mine has done it for over 100k miles and no problems. I hope you have done reg maint and kept oil changed.

Ticking 2002 escape?

Please describe where the ticking is coming from, and what you're doing (if anything) when it happens. Please describe where the ticking is coming from, and what you're doing (if anything) when it happens.

What does it mean if you changed the oil on a 1993 Jeep Wrangler and the pressure is 70 and there is a ticking noise?

70 is little high for the oil pressure. It sounds like their could be some blockage in the oil holes that run to the top of the engine. The ticking could be coming from the lifters or valves not getting enough oil.

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Is it safe to drive when brakes make ticking sound?

Get your brakes tested. I do not know what a ticking sound means.

What is the cause of ticking or tapping in a 1994 V6 3.1 Chevy Lumina Euro?

Ticking in an engine generally refers to the valves. If ticking is apparent on a 1994 Chevy Lumina tighten the valves to factory specifications.

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