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Have all the Nazis died?


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No. There's still a few around. They are, of course, very old now, in their mid-80s, at least. There is a rapidly dwindling number of WWII vets in every nation which fought.

It was not too long ago that the last WWI veteran died, so it will probably be twenty or twenty-five years until the last WWII man is gone.

Most of the veterans still alive were very young during the war, so, few were high-ranking officers, meaning they did not have much to do with deciding what was going to go on.

Just last year the US deported a retired auto worker from Ohio, who is alleged to have been a brutal concentration camp guard. He was sent to Germany to stand trial, despite being nearly 90. He lied on his paperwork when he emigrated into the US about his Nazi past.

Not every German WWII vet was a Nazi. Only about 10% of the German people belonged to the Nazi Party.

The Germans had basically two armies - the regular army, the Wehrmacht, and another force, the SS. SS men were mostly fanatical Nazis.