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no it it hasn't because some horses can swim so it wouldn't wipe out a whole entire species.

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How can this asexual reproduction be harmful to the species?

Asexual reproduction does not allow for bio-diversity. Therefore if a disease comes along and effects one of them, the entire species will be very susceptible to the same disease, and entire species can be wiped out

How many species are wiped out each year by deforestation?

1 in 10 species are wiped out every year. :D

What trade wiped out entire elephant population?

Ivory trade caused the elephant population to plummet and in many areas it is still an endangered species.

What animal do you call when its whole species is wiped out?

It is called " Extinct " whenever the species is wiped out from both the wild and out of the wild (zoo's, etc...). Sometimes PEOPLE wipe the species out. :(

When a species is completely wiped out this is called?


Why did the dinasours disapear?

Their species was wiped out by a meteor.

What are the consequences of overfishing?

Species of fish will be wiped out.

What happens to the environment after the tsunami?

Floods Wave hits at 600kmph Many weak buildings wiped out

What happened to dodo?

As usual - the human race wiped the species out ! The flightless bird was powerless to escape the explorers who discovered it - and the whole species was wiped out within a matter of years !

Can floods cause the extinction of a species?


Why did Stephens Island wren become extinct?

Supposedly the lighthouse keeper's cat (Tibbles) had been hunting the species of wren for weeks and single-handedly wiped out the entire species. However, other birds of the species later arrived, and also fell prey to feral cats.

What does it mean for a species to be รกt-risk?

It means that the species is at risk of being wiped out; extinct.

Do floods change habitats as in populations and species?


What is the difference between floods and hurricanes?

hurricanes are more stronger and can ruin a whole entire state and floods arent that strong

What killed the dinosors?

no one, the flood wiped out all the species of dinos!!

How many people can die in a volcanic eruption?

The entire population could be wiped out from a volcano.

Is a tsunami wave strong?

Yes, it is extremely strong. Entire coastal communities can be wiped out.

What can floods destroy?


How can isolation of a group result in a new species?

if the old species adapt to a new environment the old will get wiped out and the new will reproduce. :D

Are there any species of dinosaurs that live today?

They're extinct! A giant meteor wiped them out!

What did hernan Cortes contribute to Mexico?

He wiped out an entire advanced civilization of smart, innocent people.

What is a xenocide?

A xenocide is the killing of an entire foreign (plant or animal) species, or, in science fiction, the genocide of an entire alien species.

How large of an area do floods cover?

It can cover an entire city or more if it's severe.

What is the demise of an entire species?


What percent of species were wiped out 65 million years ago?

Somewhere between 50 and 66%